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Confirmed! The business that Millionaires made with Daniel Ruiz

by archysport

Thus ends the speculation that there was regarding the future of Daniel ruiz and Millionaires.

In an interview published by Gol Caracol, confirmation was given: “Daniel Ruiz is already a player who belongs 70 percent to Millonarios and 30 to Fortaleza.” Carlos Barato said it, the president of the second mentioned team and from which the footballer arrived at the Albiazul box.

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More than what Carlos Barato said about Daniel Ruiz and Millonarios

“We believed that the player was going to have an improvement in his performance and a bigger showcase. We got it and he has fulfilled the determined number of games for Millionaires to make use of the purchase option. He is already a player who at this moment is 70% owned by Millionaires. Fortaleza reserved 30% ”.

And he added: “We have received many proposals and calls from international football, but we have already sent them to Millionaires. We have a great relationship with President Enrique Camacho, things are going well. He was trained here in Fortaleza and that was the intention ”.


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