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Columbus went ahead in the final series

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At the beginning of the final series, Deportivo Colón beat Regatas Corrientes by 93-85 and was at the gates of the consecration of the Final Four 2021, Cup “Municipality of the city of Corrientes”, organized by the City Basketball Association of Corrientes (ABCC).

With high performances from its players, four of them with double digits in their personal locker, the cast led by Gerson Sequeira defeated the “ghost” team and put the decisive series 1-0.

Also for the first game of the series that delivers third place from the reduced, Hercules “Azul” triumphed over Juventus by a tight 76-73 in overtime and after drawing at 59-59 in the regular period. The “H” put the series 1-0 and was one step away from the podium.

The second games will be played on Friday, again on the Club Córdoba court and if the series is extended they will be defined on Monday 29.

The synthesis of the two Final Four games were:

Final – Game N ° 1

Colon 93 – Regattas 85

Deportivo Colon: Quagliozzi 0, Pérez 26, Cequeira 18, Sequeira 21, Tabernero 26, (fi); Russo 2, Cazorla 0. DT: Gerson Sequeira.

Regattas: Franchella 29, Scacchi 15, Gauto 10, Fiorio 13, Abad 8, (fi); Yordan, Marcó 10, Rolnik 0, Zalazar 0. DT: Fernando Calvi.

Stadium: Córdoba Basketball Club. Referees: Costa-Estigarribia-Margalot. Partial: 18-15, 42-35, 66-64 and 93-85.

Third Place: Game No. 1

Hercules “A” (59) 76 – Juventus (59) 73

Hercules “Blue”: González 16, Hoffauer 16, Báez 9, Langone 3, Barrios 17 (fi), Dirachette 10, D’Ascenso 0, Lemos 0, Tatanchelo 5. DT: Javier Skiarki.

Juventus: Zabala 12, Arrieta 3, Barrios 1, Yardin 6, Zacarias 24 (fi), Balbis 11, Nuñez 15, Mollevi 0, Perez 1, Gonzalez 0, Vivaldo 0. DT: Gonzalo Zacarías.

Stadium: Córdoba Basketball Club. Referees: Lencina-Moreyra-Navia. Partial: 14-17, 30-29, 44-44, 59-59 and 76-73.

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