Colombia National Team: Carlos Antonio Vélez criticizes Brazil and referee Roberto Tobar | Colombia selection

The Colombia National Team held out as far as it could against Brazil and ended up falling by the slightest difference at the Neo Química Arena in São Paulo. Despite the local superiority, the central referee, Roberto Tobar, received endless criticism for his painful performance.

Precisely on the above, Carlos Antonio Vélez pointed harshly against the person in charge of imparting justice and sowed a cloak of doubt about Conmebol for the Chilean’s election.

In the Win Sports program ‘Planeta Fútbol’, the journalist described Tobar as “perverse”, something that, in his opinion, Brazilians like because they benefit. He also recalled that the Colombian Football Federation (FCF) should not have allowed the assignment of the judge due to conflict of interest.

The arbitration, perverse. I’m going to take out the tablet. It is one of those unfortunate arbitrations, the kind that Brazil likes. They remember that Pitana was the last time and gave them a hand, because this (Tobar) did anything”, He indicated.

And he gave way to enumerate the errors of the referee: “He let Neymar grope him, even nodded him. They grabbed him, rubbed him, pushed him … Neymar told him what he wanted at the time of the yellow card, he handled the cards, the fouls were not measured with the same standard”.

Precisely the move that generated outrage occurred at 8 minutes, when the PSG star, annoyed by the entries of the coffee defense, confronted the referee and even fought him. Situation that the affected person ignored, nor did he show yellow.

In this vein, Vélez warned about the benefit that Chile had, which beat Paraguy in Asunción, with the defeat of the National Team.

I put on record that Mr. Tobar is a Chilean referee and that Chile is fighting with us for a position. That can not be allowed. We had already warned that the Federation could not allow them to appoint such arbitrators who are not neutral. Today Mr. Tobar’s performance was shameful”, He sentenced.

With the defeat in Brazilian territory, Colombia is partially fifth with 16 units. Same score as Chile (it is up by goal difference) and Uruguay (it has a pending match).




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