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Coach who won the PED leaves SLP due to lack of support – El Sol de San Luis

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The disbandment of coaches and athletes from Potosí to other entities began, the first to emigrate and take new airs is the archery coach, Julio Soler del Castillo, who, as of last Wednesday, became intrigued by the project of this discipline to the State of Guanajuato.

The lack of support and understanding on the part of the recently arrived authorities of the Potosino Institute of Physical Culture and Sports towards their discipline, and a good project established with the Guanajuato leaders, were the reasons why the national archery coach decided to emigrate .

Soler del Castillo, who just last November 20 received the 2021 State Sports Award as best coach, through his social networks ended 12 years in charge of the representative of Potosí where in the last National Games CONADE was the discipline that most Medals awarded to the State, in addition to qualifying several of its archers to world championships.

In conversation with the archery coach, he pointed out that, instead of hiring him to promote, promote and further develop the discipline, the current administration wanted to charge him a rent for making use of the space they occupied in the facilities of the Sports Unit “Adolfo López Mateos ”.

This designated area was handed over in 2018 by the past administration, which the athletes and their coach maintained and equipped, in order to develop the practice of their sport, without receiving support from the leaders of the state sport.

With the departure of Julio Soler, his archers leave with him, among which the brothers Rodrigo and Arturo Olvera stand out, who have represented Mexico in various international events; in addition to the group that gave San Luis Potosí 6 gold, 5 silver and 2 bronze medals.


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