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Carlos, Héctor and Simón are proclaimed champions! – The Sun of Tampico

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Carlos Simón, Luis Simón and Héctor Pascual were proclaimed champions of the III Annual Tournament of Golf Club de Regatas Corona, an event held in the executive field of El Sábalo and which yesterday reached its conclusion with great success.

With a total of 104 strokes, the “trheesome” made up of Carlos Simón, Luis Simón and Héctor Pascual won the place of honor of the competition, after leading the two days of activity of the fair.

Meanwhile, the second site corresponded with 106 hits to the team made up of Daniel García Casanova, Edmundo Malagón and César Amor; the third position, on the other hand, was accredited by Sergio García, Jorge Meza and José Antonio Luengas.


At the end of the actions, the competition award ceremony was held, with the presence of the vice president of the Corona Regattas Club, Daniel García Casanova and the members of the Golf Committee, Enrique Acosta and Javier Hurtado DiBella.

On behalf of the club’s president, Rubén García Herrera, Daniel García Casanova congratulated the Golf Committee for the good work in organizing the tournament, as well as the winners of the competition, highlighting its success.

Subsequently, the cash prizes were awarded to both the first three places in the tournament and the best O’Yes, in addition to the traditional raffle among the golfers present.


Enrique Acosta, coordinator of the Golf Committee, thanked the participating golfers, who with their presence contributed to give greater prominence to the tournament, highlighting that it has been a good year for the El Sábalo executive course, both for the improvements it has had and for the intense activity that has taken place and that they hope to close with the traditional Pavo event.


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