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Blow to the face and altercation | LeBron James suspended one game, Isaiah Stewart two

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Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James was suspended for one game while Detroit Pistons player Isaiah Stewart received two game suspension for their role in an incident that unfolded Sunday night.

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Tim Reynolds
The Canadian Press

The NBA announced the suspensions on Monday and they will go into effect on Tuesday. James will not face the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden. Stewart will miss the duel against the Miami Heat and the one against the Milwaukee Bucks on Wednesday.

James will have to give up US $ 284,000 in salary while Stewart will lose $ 45,000. It was James’ first suspension in 19 years in the NBA.

The Lakers and Pistons will face off again on Sunday in Los Angeles.

The NBA has indicated that Stewart was sanctioned for “escalating an altercation on the field by pursuing in a repeated, aggressive and unsportsmanlike manner.” In James’ case, he was suspended “for striking a hard blow to Stewart’s face and for initiating the altercation.”

The incident occurred in the third quarter, as James and Stewart battled for position on a free throw. Their arms became tangled and James nudged Stewart’s face, which began to bleed from the brow bone.


Isaiah Stewart, center

For a while, things calmed down. Stewart was taken away from where the contact was made by his teammates and coaches, but then ran towards James. Several people tried to block his path to make sure the altercation did not escalate further.

Stewart received two technical fouls while James received one flagrant foul. The two players were expelled from the meeting.

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