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Beerschot records vital victory, new uppercut for Genk | Jupiler Pro League 2021/2022

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A huge boost for Beerschot, yet another uppercut for Racing Genk. Despite a number of chances, the visitors were unable to erase an early goal from Shankland. Caicedo secured Beerschot’s second win of the season deep into the final. A victory of vital importance for the last one: it is approaching one point from Cercle in this way. Van den Brom and co. stay behind in the corner where the blows fall. “It is a long-term job, but the atmosphere is good and the group is ready,” says star and Beerschot goalkeeper Mike Vanhamel.

Beerschot – Racing Genk in a nutshell:

  • Key moment: Shortly after the break, Genk came close to equalizing twice, but Vanhamel Beerschot kept upright just as many times. A quick equalizer at the beginning of the second half is thus avoided, Genk does not get a bigger chance afterwards.
  • Man of the match: Mike Vanhamel was unbeatable tonight. He stopped Onuachu from the equalizer twice, once with a real cat jump. Paintsil and Thorstvedt also bit their teeth on the goalkeeper. As icing on the cake, he also provided the assist for Caicedo’s late 2-0 with a far kick.
  • Remarkable: It is only the second league win for Beerschot, after the victory against Seraing in the previous home match. The red lantern actually takes 7 out of 9, while in the previous 12 games it could only collect 2 points.

View the goals from Beerschot – Genk (2-0)

Shankland gives Beerschot a dream start

Due to the defeat of relegation competitor Cercle Brugge, Beerschot was able to do an excellent job in the fight for retention. That realization can paralyze or just give wings and for Beerschot it was the latter.

The home team saw a furious start rewarded after only 4 minutes. After Hrosovsky’s clumsy loss of the ball, Holzhauser brought Shankland into position with a nice heel. The Scotsman did not miss the opportunity and gave Vandevoordt a score: 1-0.

Dream start for the red lantern, but the lead also worked like a red rag to a bull for Genk. The visitors monopolized the ball and emphatically went in search of the equalizer.

That dominance did not result in a lot of concrete target danger. Paintsil came close to 1-1, but Vanhamel was able to parry his deflected shot with more luck than skill. The goalkeeper also kept the home team upright on a shot by Thorstvedt.

Beerschot could hardly offer anything in return and was shocked again shortly before half time when Halaimia went into the mist on a deep pass to
Paintsil. The Ghanaian could only storm Vanhamel, but didn’t get the ball
within the target frame.

Goalkeeper Vanhamel keeps Beerschot straight with a great double save

Genk collides with Vanhamel, Caicedo decides match

Genk kept chasing the equalizer after the break, but Vanhamel kept Beerschot upright. First with a cat jump on Onuachu’s header and immediately afterwards he also managed to push a shot from Paintsil over the bar with his fingertips.

The double chance was not followed up. Only halfway through the second half did Genk beep again, when substitute Bongonda’s header went just wide. Beerschot trainer Javier Torrente meanwhile, the tension became too powerful. The Argentinian continued to protest after a yellow card and was sent off with a second card by ref Boucaut.

From the stands, the Argentinian saw how Vaca made it almost 2-0 fifteen minutes before the end. On a pass from Holzhauser, he aimed for the post. Genk was still alive and brought an extra weapon into battle with Ugbo. The substitute immediately found Onuachu in the sixteen, but he again ran into a great save by Vanhamel.

So it remained very exciting at Het Kiel. Only in the extra time could the
Beerschot supporters cheer uninhibitedly. On a far kick by Vanhamel, Caicedo took off, he outplayed Vandevoordt and decided the game.
Beerschot continues its advance with its second league win and is again fully in the running for retention.

Coach Torrente explodes and is allowed to sit in the stands from the ref

Vanhamel: “Continue positive flow as long as possible”

  • Mike Vanhamel (Beerschot): “I am very happy, but first and foremost for the win. Our closest competitors both lost, so it was important for us to keep the points at home. We are now in a positive flow and we hope to continue it for as long as possible. We have to start from our own strength and then you see that we can play a very good match. We can lead and suffer without taking goals and that’s how you get points. It is a long-term job, we are going to have to book victories. Just a little more in a shorter time. The atmosphere is good and the group is ready.”
  • John van den Brom (trainer Racing Genk): “The first goal against was very unfortunate with the loss of the ball by Patrik (Hrosovsky, ed.). Beerschot punished that well. I was curious about the reaction, but I really can’t blame my team from the beginning to the end of the game. The only thing that didn’t work out was scoring from the many opportunities. The last pass was not always accurate, we were unlucky at times and there was also great goalkeeping from Vanhamel. Those are three factors that play a very big role in this match. But there are also a lot of positive things to get out of this game.”
  1. second half, minute 95. End. Beerschot is doing a golden job in the fight for preservation. It records its second competition win at home against Racing Genk and is thus approaching one point from Cercle Brugge, the penultimate. An early goal from Shankland and a late one from Caicedo made it 2-0. .
  2. second half, minute 95 match over
  3. second half, minute 94. Replacement at Beerschot, Musashi Suzuki in, Ramiro Vaca out
  4. Goal during the second half, minute 92 by Moisés Caicedo van Beerschot. 2.0.
  5. second half, minute 92. Caicedo redeems Beerschot! The keel explodes! Caicedo provides the liberating second goal in extra time. On a far kick from Vanhamel he flies under, he puts Vandevoordt in the wind and finishes it cool-blooded. The loot is in for the red lantern. .
  6. second half, minute 91. 4 minutes extra. Vanhamel is not infallible after all. He misses his intervention on a low cross, but luckily for the goalkeeper nobody can take advantage of Genk. .
  7. second half, minute 86. Time is running out for Genk. The home supporters provide a sizzling atmosphere. They realize how important this three-pointer could be for Beerschot. .
  8. second half, minute 86.
  9. second half, minute 83. Replacement at Beerschot, Mauricio Lemos in, Raphael Holzhauser out
  10. second half, minute 83. Applause from the home supporters for Holzhauser. He is taken to the side at Beerschot for Lemos. .
  11. second half, minute 81. Noubissi can hit a falling ball in the turn. Fortunately, Arteaga stands in the way for Genk and deviates the ball into a corner. It yields nothing. .
  12. Vanhamel does it again! Ugbo and Onuachu immediately find each other in the sixteen. It is Onuachu who can eventually decide on goal, but again he collides with a brilliant save from Vanhamel. The goalkeeper is busy with a strong game. It was flagged for offside. . second half, minute 77.
  13. second half, minute 76. Substitution at KRC Genk, Ike Ugbo in, Patrik Hrošovský out
  14. second half, minute 76. At Genk they also throw Ugbo into the battle for the final offensive. Hrosovsky, who had butter on his head with the opening goal, has to leave. .
  15. Vaca on the pole! Genk escapes the 2-0! Suddenly, on a pass from Holzhauser, Vaca appears in front of Vandevoordt’s goal and he aims the ball at the post. Bad luck for Beerschot! . second half, minute 74.
  16. second half, minute 72. Red for Torrente. Javier Torrente lets himself go a little too much on the sidelines, because there is no whistle for a foul on Caicedo. After a yellow card from Boucaut, he shifts up a gear and peps up the supporters. Boucaut does not like it and immediately gives the coach a second yellow card. The Argentinian has to sit in the stands. .
  17. second half, minute 71.
  18. second half, minute 69. Beerschot beeps again with a low cross from Vaca. Noubissi arrives just too late. Yet another small warning for Genk. At 2-0 it seems all over & out for the visitors. .
  19. second half, minute 67. Bongonda just wide! The hitherto pale Ito decomposes his devils with a gear on the right. He quickly puts Caicedo into the wind and brings the ball in front of the goal from the back line. At the second post, Onuachu and Bongonda go to the ball. It is the substitute who can head and just miss the decision. .
  20. second half, minute 64. The provisional hero of the Beerschot supporters is taken to the side. Noubissi takes the place of Shankland. .

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