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Basketball. NF3: Eauze in the hard

by archysport

Eauze 52-Tournefeuille 55

MT: 33-27. QT: 11-13, 22-14, 13-17, 6-11 Referees: D. Delprat and K. Assemat. Spectators 100.
For Eauze: 14 baskets scored at two points, 6 baskets scored at three points, 6 free throws, 15 fouls. No player released for five fouls. The points: Da Costa 12, Zamarian 10, Grenier 9, Hauret Clos 8, Ortyl (cap) 4, Marrast 4, Baulac 2, Vicini 2, Pedeches 1. Trainer: L.Touja.
For Tournefeuille: 13 baskets marked with two points, 8 baskets marked with three points, 5 free throws, 15 faults. No player released for five fouls. The points: Tamburro 21, Espinasse (cap) 10, Thibaud 7, Bencteux 4, Boutonnet 4, Ourliac 4, Retailleau 3, Mbiguino Apogagno 2, Herraiz. Coach: N. Mouzourakis.

Sundays follow each other and unfortunately look the same for the BEC. Defeated by Tournefeuille at home, the Elusates could not contain the Tamburro and others. Note that the number 9 of Tournefeuille leaves the parquet of Eauze with 21 points to his credit.

After a diesel start once again, Ludovic Touja’s daughters are led by nine points after seven minutes. Coaching then allows the girls on the bench to pick up the score.

Eauze returned to 11-13 at the end of the first quarter before moving ahead before the break. This second quarter was marked by a crossover where the two teams competed in three points. +6 at half-time, we say to ourselves that the storm has passed but Tournefeuille nibbles its delay and comes back to two points before the money time.

Unfortunately, the Elusates will completely miss this last quarter with only six small points scored.

Eauze loses a good opportunity to pick up on his soft stomach and puts the pressure on himself before the end of these first leg matches.

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