Basketball, Italy, Sacchetti does not call Belinelli

The coach has issued the long list from which the 16 will be chosen for the first two matches against Russia and the Netherlands. The captain of the Virtus stays at home. Lever, Mascolo and Zanelli the news

Coach Meo Sacchetti has released the long list of 24 players, from which he will choose the 16 for the first two qualifying matches for the 2023 World Cup: Russia-Italy (in St. Petersburg, November 26) and Italy-Holland (in Milan, November 29) ). In Sacchetti’s list there are no players involved in the Euroleague. The coach then decided not to call Marco Belinelli. The 24: Akele (Treviso), Alviti (Milan), Baldasso (Fortitudo Bologna), Bortolani (Treviso), Candi (Reggio Emilia), Casarin (Treviso), Diouf (Reggio Emilia), Flaccadori (Trento), Gaspardo (Brindisi) , Lever (Trieste), Mannion (Virtus Bologna), Mascolo (Tortona), Pajola (Virtus Bologna), Pecchia (Cremona), Procida (Fortitudo Bologna), Ruzzier (Virtus Bologna), Spanish (Cremona), Tessitori (Virtus Bologna) , Tonut (Venice), Totè (Fortitudo Bologna), Udom (Brindisi), Visconti (Brindisi), Vitali (Venice), Zanelli (Brindisi). The 16 selected will meet on Monday 22nd at the Acqua Acetosa in Rome for the first step towards a World Cup qualification which, in two years, will also be giving away 7 Olympic passes (the first two Europeans best placed go to Paris 2024).


As mentioned, the absence of Marco Belinelli, captain of Virtus, engaged in Eurocup and therefore eligible for the call, stands out. The coach Sacchetti had however, already after Tokyo, confirmed that he wanted to take the path of renewal: “In the windows I will not call the Euroleague players, I will want to see someone who has already been in blue before the cuts for Belgrade. I am thinking of Procida and Gaspardo, an emerging prospect and a long of great athleticism. I hope the championship suggests me a pivot. The recovery of the old guard? It is early to talk about it. In the meantime, I would like to go on with the Olympic group “. So for Belinelli the curtain could fall on the blue chapter after 154 games and 2258 points (fourth ever). As widely announced by Meo, the entire block participating in the Euroleague is missing (with the exception of Alviti): Melli, Datome, Ricci, Moraschini, Biligha, Polonara, Fontecchio and Spissu. Gallinari, too, obviously cannot be called. Italy then starts again from Mannion, Pajola and part of those guys who gave us an extraordinary summer.




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