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And I play the girl / On Rete 4 the film with Tony Curtis and Julie Andrews

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And I’m playing the little girl, the cast of the film

And I’m playing the little girl is one of those immortal, perfect films, a film that, in 1981, was nominated for Best Family Film for the Young Artist Award and that in all the world box offices garnered acclaim and worldwide distributions, a true champion even in subsequent replicas on the small screen in the ‘not to be missed’ category! The film was directed by the skilled director Walter Bernstein, ninety films he directed in the palmares, considered a king of the script of the last century, a cornerstone of American cinema. We remember him for his greatest successes, among which no one can forget ‘A perfect love or almost’, with Keith Carradine, exploration in the United States of our Monica Vitti invited to a production of wide artistic scope, or ‘A proof of error (Fail-Safe) ‘, yet another successful screenplay for Bernstein, a film directed by Sidney Lumet. Surely it is an interesting vision with moments of great emotional intensity.

And I play the girl, a Network 4 film directed by Blake Edwards

And I’m playing the little girl will broadcast on Rete 4 today, 24 November 2021, starting at ore 16,45. In the cast of the film, the absolute protagonist, a real actor specialized in cinema with children, is the stainless Walter Matthau, actor dear to Walter Bernstein, in the cinema in which he treated, often in a brilliant key with subtle comedy points, in the Matthau style, young generations, protagonist of films still beloved today as the whole saga dedicated to the small marginal champions of the baseball team of ‘Bears’, or, among his great successes, ‘Not for money … but for money (The Fortune Cookie)’, a film for which he won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, or all films with Jack Lemmon , one of the brightest couples in American cinema, especially in theatrical fields brought to the big screen as in the case of the plays by Neil Simon, a world-famous playwright, ‘The strange couple’ is just the tip of a golden iceberg made of successes and cinematic art.

Alongside Matthau another legend in a pink key of American cinema: in the role of Amanda we find Julie Andrews, for the whole world ‘Mary Poppins’,’ All together passionately (The Sound of Music) ‘,’ My problems with le donne (The Man Who Loved Women) ‘and’ So è la vita (That’s Life!) ‘under the double direction of Blake Edwards.

And I play the child, plot: a decadent player

Let’s read the plot from And I’m playing the little girl. Sorrowful Jones, also known as ‘Sadness’ in betting circles, a little girl, the daughter of a decadent player, wins the game who, reduced to desperation, tries to redeem his defeats at gambling by placing his daughter on the plate instead of the stake. Vince Tristezza and the little girl is hers, also because the player, really reduced to human and social desperation, as well as financial, commits suicide, then the girl becomes his and Sorrowful Jones becomes fond of her tenderly, to the point of not wanting to undo as he thought at the beginning.

Blackie (Tony Curtis) is a local gangster who has credit problems with Amanda, so to help the woman catch up with him, he asks Tristezza to set up a clandestine casino in the woman’s mansion. Sorrowful Jones and Amanda therefore have to, despite themselves, share a piece of their existence, linked by illegal activities, but with a girl that the woman likes so much, who, frame after frame, discovers that she is also attracted to Sadness. A strange family, nothing to say …, is about to be born!


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