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Ancelotti surrenders to his trio of untouchables

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Tomás González-Martín



They created all four goals. Kroos made the first, topped by Asensio. Modric and the German drew the second, scored by Nacho. Benzema and the Croatian painted the art of the target of Vinicius. AND housemiro the last one was invented, shot by Mendy.

See Modric dribbling, making passes with the outside and getting out of the pressure of three rivals is a priceless spectacle. What a shame that he lives in his mid-thirties. Artists like this should be eternal, like Sinatra. Observe the centers of Kroos, his vision of the game and his managerial personality is a luxury for a team. Casemiro covers them with his destructive efficiency and his ability to go on the attack when no one expects him.

The three of them have been together for six years in which they have won everything except Parcheesi, and carry out movements decided by themselves that Ancelotti neither knows, nor expects them, nor touches them. That they do what they want, that they know what they are doing. Says a coach who was like player the engine of Capello’s Milan. Your praise to the triumvirate is eloquent.

And to finish off was Vinicius, who destroyed the enemy with his hats, his speed and his dribbling and caused the expulsion of Monchu; Ancelotti took him away because each play was a hard tackle from the rivals, who blew irreproducible compliments in his ear

“The level that Modric and Kroos have is very high and they surprise by the things they do,” the Real Madrid coach analyzes. «Sometimes Luka comes down to help get the ball played from behind and sometimes Toni does. Don’t worry, I’m not going to touch them. I don’t know how long they will last. If I think about ten years, then we will have to think about other players, and I have them, who are Camavinga, Valverde and Blanco. But in the short term I will not touch anything, calm down ».

The sports manager of the Madrid team calls them the “untouchables” because he does not see a superior trio in the world: ” They are still the best media in the world for me. I have to say that the dynamics of the three men in the center of the field surprises me, that they do things that I do not ask of them and they do them naturally. They have been in the past, but they are the present and in the future they will also be ».

Of course, if the creativity of the construction line is added Benzema’s talent and Vinicius’s supersonic art, the “show” is assured. The young Brazilian destroyed the rival with his hats, his speed and his feint. It caused the expulsion of Monchu, who went to hunt him by the knee, and therefore the red card of Robert Moreno, which hangs by a thread on the Granada bench.

“The referee said that he would go to see the play of the expulsion to the VAR and then he did not want to go see it,” complained the local coach, desperate on the band and consoled by Ancelotti. The visiting coach was sincere in arguing why he changed to “Vini Jr.”, since every ball in his boots was a goal option: “I took him off to avoid problems, because the game was hot on his part. And to avoid problems for us and for Granada ». What he says is true, because several local footballers They gave him wax and they blew compliments to the Brazilian in every gig and run away with the ball. There could be more colored cards.

Watered with the flowers that praised his pupils, the ambitious Ancelotti pointed out the defects of his team. The praise weakens and the Real Madrid sports manager highlighted the weak points that you must eliminate. I was happy, but you will never be satisfied. Its players gave themselves ten minutes of rest and allowed Granada to close the gap and enter the game again. The Italian asked them to be more efficient and not relax when the advantage seems clear, because things get complicated and it happened. He put them at rest and they reacted: «What I liked the most was the quality of the game and the least that, after the second goal, we lowered the intensity. I also did not like that sometimes we are ineffective with the opportunities we create. They generated ten clear chances. It demands more success.

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