America’s backbone from Cali by 2022

The team is already working towards what will be next season and the continuity of some players considered key pieces is beginning to be defined.

There are two free-for-all games left in the BetPlay League and according to the odds, the team that has the least chance of qualifying for the finals is the Cali America. For this reason, the club’s directives have already begun to make some decisions thinking about what 2022 will be to correct things.

+ América de Cali, pending the business by Jarlan Barrera

In the first place, it was known that the club made the decision to leave 5 players, but it is expected that there will be more considering that several teams have not begun to move in the transfer market. Likewise, the continuity of some names has also begun to be evaluated, regardless of the coaching staff that is in charge of the team.

It would be the backbone of América de Cali 2022 and they hope to be able to ensure the permanence of the majority in the squad. First of all, it will be the two goalkeepers Joel Graterol and Diego Novoa they have maintained regularity in the semester. Marlon torres, leader of the defense, Cristian Arrieta for whom a large sum was paid, Kevin Andrade to consolidate in the first team and leave Jorge Segura on campus for at least 6 months.

In the middle of the field keep Luis Paz, Carlos Sierra, Larry Angulo and Rodrigo Ureña, we seek to accompany them together with the creative talent that was lacking this semester. In the forward part it would be necessary to reinforce, but Déinner Quiñones, Emerson Batalla and Adrián Ramos they would be from the start.

The players who would come to contribute from next year are already in the squad. Is about David Lemos and Luis Sánchez, two footballers who will recover from a ligament injury and it is expected to have a good level of both on their return. In addition to Marino Hinestroza, who will return from a loan from Palmeiras.




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