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“All or Nothing: Juventus”: what a fight CR7-Cuadrado at the interval of Juve-Porto | News

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The documentary on the Bianconeri’s last season reveals new background, including Agnelli’s harsh words to the team after the Scudetto won with Sarri

The season of Juve by Pirlo continues to talk about himself. The docuseries “All or Nothing: Juventus“is in fact revealing some important background of the complicated Juventus year. In particular, in the first episode of the documentary a quarrel between Cristiano Ronaldo and Juan Cuadrado during the interval between Juve-Porto, return of the Champions League round of 16 at the end of which CR7 also falls in tears in the locker room after elimination. A hard moment, like the words used by Agnelli at the beginning of the season after the Scudetto won with Sarri on the bench: “I say it with my heart, a year of m …“.

Heavy words, to bring the team back to order and put everyone in front of their responsibilities. “I have been president of Juve for ten years – we hear Agnelli say in the documentary -. If I look at last year, beyond the sporting results, I tell you with my heart, it was a year of Wed …. “.

A criticism of the group’s overall attitude, rather than a direct attack on Sarri. And in fact, then the president continues like this: “Someone in here too hasn’t given everything they owed. If I think of all the efforts that the women and men of Juventus have made. We are 800 and you go on the field in 800, you win and you lose in 800 “.

“We are a group that it must always go together in the same direction – continues Agnelli -. We made a choice in which I believe very much, which is that of Pirlo. “” Now it is in the group to follow him always and in any case, on a daily basis. It will be a difficult year, but I return with the enthusiasm of the past. Anyone who tries to touch just one of you will first pass over my body – concludes the Juventus president -. You take care of the rest “.

As for the CR7-Cuadrado dispute, the images in the documentary testify to the enormous tension in the locker room. Everything happens in the interval of Juve-Porto. The bianconeri have to overturn the 2-1 of the first leg, but at the end of the first half they lose 1-0 and Ronaldo is on a rampage. “We have to work harder – shouts the Portuguese entering the locker room – What m … a! We didn’t play at all! Nothing!”. Cuadrado approaches him trying to calm him down, but CR7 insists: “We played a m … a, always!“.

So the Colombian replies in rhyme: “You must be an example for everyone”. “Me too – replies Cristiano – I too am included. We have to tell each other the truth, we played a m … a. This is a Champions League match, we need to have personality. “Discussion interrupted only by Pirlo’s intervention to restore calm. Calm down that at the end of the game, after leaving the Champions League scene, Cristiano Ronaldo loses completely. In the images you can see in fact the Portuguese return in tears to the locker room, where he lets himself go to an inconsolable cry.

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