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all national titles awarded – OA Sport

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They ended today, Sunday 21 November, the Absolute Italian Badminton Championships, which in the third and last day have seen disputes semi-finals and finals of singles tournaments and finals of doubles draws. Titles awarded in parabadminton in the masculine singular WH1 and in the masculine singular WH2. Team cup al GSA Chiari in badminton et al GSPD in parabadminton.

In singular masculine Giovanni Toti (CS Army) surpasses Fabio Caponio (CS Aeronautica) with the score of 12-21; 21-13; 21-15, while in singular feminine Yasmine Hamza (SSV Bozen) beats Katharina Fink (SSV Bozen) with a score of 13-21; 21-7; 21-8.

In double male Giovanni Greco and Kevin Strobl (GS Fiamme Oro / CS Aeronautica Militare) beat Fabio Caponio / Giovanni Toti (CS Aeronautica Militare / CS Army) for 23-21; 19-21; 22-20, while in the double female Martina Corsini and Judith Mair (BC Milano / ASV Malles) beat Katharina Fink and Yasmine Hamza (SSV Bozen) 21-16; 21-19, finally in mixed doubles Martina Corsini and Gianmarco Bailetti (BC Milan) beat David Salutt and Chiara Passeri (SC Meran / GSA Chiari) 23-21; 21-15.

In parabadminton success in singular masculine WH2 by Yuri Ferrigno (BC Milan) on Piero Rosario Suma (GSPD) for 21-12; 21-10, finally the singular masculine WH1 it goes to Alessandro Pitzianti (Diversamente Sport) on Adriano Tiberi (Diversamente Sport) for 15-21; 21-14; 21-13.



Male Singles
1 ° Giovanni Toti (CS Army)
2nd Fabio Caponio (CS Air Force)
3rd Luca Zhou (ASV Malles) and Enrico Baroni (GSA Chiari)

Singles Female
1° Yasmine Hamza (SSV Bozen)
2° Katharina Fink (SSV Bozen)
3rd Judith Mair (ASV Malles) and Chiara Passeri (GSA Chiari)

Double Male
1 ° Giovanni Greco / Kevin Strobl (GS Fiamme Oro / CS Air Force)
2nd Fabio Caponio / Giovanni Toti (CS Air Force / CS Army)
3rd Gianmarco Bailetti / David Salutt (BC Milan / SC Meran) and Marco Bailetti / Enrico Baroni (Badminton Senigallia / GSA Chiari)

Double Female
1° Martina Corsini/Judith Mair (BC Milano/ASV Malles)
2° Katharina Fink/Yasmine Hamza (SSV Bozen)
3rd Emma Piccinin / Rebecca Tognetti (BC Milan / Junior BC Milan) and Lucia Aceti / Chiara Passeri (GSA Chiari)

Double Mixed
1st Gianmarco Bailetti / Martina Corsini (BC Milan)
2nd David Salutt / Chiara Passeri (SC Meran / GSA Chiari)
3rd Enrico Baroni / Emma Piccini (GSA Chiari / BC Milan) and Giorgio Gozzini / Lucia Aceti (GSA Chiari)

Team cup
1st GSA Chiari


Men’s Singles WH1
1st Alessandro Pitzianti (Differently Sport)
2nd Adriano Tiberi (Differently Sport)
3 ° Pasquale Barriera (GSPD) and Vincenzo Contemi (Pol. Masi)

Men’s Singles WH2
1° Yuri Ferrigno (BC Milano)
2nd Piero Rosario Suma (GSPD)
3rd Roberto Punzo (GSPD) and Pietro Mile (Pro Castelnuovo)

Men’s Singles SL3
1st Mattia Miotto (Padua Badminton)
2nd Andrea Pileri (Differently Sport)

Men’s Singles SL4
1 ° Tommaso Libertini (Genoa BC)

Men’s Singles SH6
1° Marco Taurasi (BC Celeste)
2nd Berardino Lo Chiatto (BC Celeste)

Men’s Doubles WH
1st Yuri Ferrigno / Roberto Punzo (BC Milan / GSPD)
2nd Pasquale Barriera / Piero Rosario Suma (GSPD)
3 ° Alessandro Tiberi / Salvatore Vasta (Differently Sport / La Scintilla) and Vincenzo Contemi / Pietro Miele (Pol. Masi / Pro Castelnuovo)

Team cup

Photo: Press release BadmintonItalia

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