Alert! The Planet on Stage Itinerant performing arts arrive in Taltal

This Saturday, November 6 from 5:00 p.m. in the Plaza de Armas of the commune, the roaming “Alert !!!” will take place for the first time. The Planet on Stage ”, so that girls, boys, youth and adults can enjoy these disciplines that undoubtedly provide reflection and creativity. These are four works that address environmental issues.

The opening of the day will be with a carnival of dance and drums evoking the Changos, called the “Comparsa de la Costa” by the Brannegó company, followed by the play “El Tesoro de la Trash” by La Rúa Circo and the “Eco Tales of the Earth ”of Sentir Creativo. Finally, the show “The Earth is Alive” by the Agrupación Artístico Cultural and Compañía Teatral La Favorecedora.

Guillermo Hidalgo, mayor of Taltal explained that “different groups representing branches of the performing arts came together to make presentations in the most remote communes of the region and where there is little artistic activity. It is a wonderful opportunity to increase the access and cultural participation of our citizens ”.

Meanwhile, Arlette Ibarra, director of the La Favorecedora Theater Company and organizer of the activity, commented that “we want to disseminate the artistic work that is done in the region, based on a contingent theme such as the environment to generate awareness among those who inhabit our region to keep the environment clean, recycle and take care of our seas. We also want people to enjoy this family afternoon that promises through art, deliver messages with games, music, design, dance and wake up in an integral way beyond the intellect, with emotion ”.

The activity ends with all the groups encouraging the audience to dance and share with the characters and musicians at the same time.

This project is funded by the National Fund for the Promotion and Development of Performing Arts, 2020 Call of the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage, and thus seeks to disseminate the work of artists and local groups.



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