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After Shaq, another colossus smashes the Lakers!

by archysport

Deep in the hole after a month of competition, the Lakers never cease to suffer criticism from NBA experts. After Shaquille O’Neal, it was Kendrick Perkins who gave his opinion on the situation of the Crimson and Gold. And like the quadruple champion, he was not kind to Los Angeles either …

Announced as title contenders during the summer, the Lakers have been making their fans disillusioned since the competition resumed. Their 9th place in the West as well as their negative balance (9-10) are a huge disappointment, especially among observers. Some therefore no longer hesitate to call out to Californians violently, like a Shaquille O’Neal absolutely icy on the subject recently.

However, the Big Diesel is not the only one to give voice here. Kendrick Perkins is at least equally vocal, uncompromising on the level of play of the Angelinos. He also knocked them out in due form during the show. First Take, begining with Russell Westbrook. According to the former player, the playmaker must therefore prove that he has what it takes:

Kendrick Perkins attacks Russell Westbrook and the Lakers

It is no longer a question of triple-double! Now that Westbrook is in Los Angeles, it’s different there. Can you take control of yourself and win basketball games? Can you reduce the loss of balls and lead the team, Russ? When you watch Russ, and you watch Chris Paul… CP3, he goes there and he wins basketball games!

This must have made the ears of Brodie whistle, he who must undergo a daily flood of criticism despite a level of play that has increased slightly in recent days. Insufficient, however, to get the Pourpres et Ors out of the slump, which did not escape the rage of the 2008 champion. The latter indeed unleashed a violent punchline on Frank Vogel’s men, claiming that they would be too distracted to play well:

Do you know what is the main problem in Los Angeles? These guys are not focused. There are too many ads, everyone has something else to do. It can wait until after the season! You will have all the commercials, all the movies, all the documentaries that await you once the season is over.

League analysts are increasingly worried about the situation in the City of Angels, and there is reason. Between repeated injuries and non-existent game play, the Lakers must quickly find the thread … especially if they want to win the title.

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