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Adidas and their sneakers inspired by ESPN’s “Top Ten”

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¿ESPN’s Adidas “Top Ten”? Adidas and ESPN They are a key part of the history of the sport. One giving athletes the appropriate tools to carry out their activities, even taking them to the courts, while another is one of the most important sports channels in the world, leaving its own mark, creating a bridge between the court and the spectators.

Top Ten Hi ESPN

The two have a relationship that dates back to 1979, the year in which ESPN made his public debut and Adidas featured the iconic silhouette “Top Ten” Basketball, created for the courts of the NBA. And now, just to honor that past, the Top Ten with ESPN Sport Center, and a silhouette is created that maintains a classic 70s look with modern elements, this being the first collaboration that makes ESPN with a mark of sneakers.

“With the drop of Top Ten, we are recognizing and celebrating the foundation of sport and media as we know it today: the brands and athletes who have paved the way to where we are today, ”explained Eric Wise, General Manager of adidas Basketball . “This release is for anyone who has contributed to the legacy of our two amazing companies.”

They are a reinvention of the classic with the modern and they really are collectibles.Courtesy

The design is described as aerodynamic which refers to the days of Rick Barry y Kareem Abdul-Jabbar legends of the NBA already the golden years of ESPN during its birth and development to become what it is today. The silhouette has a premium snakeskin leather upper, and gold lace jewelery as an added sparkle. The tongue shows the logo of adidas x ESPN Sports Center “Top Ten”, with the mark of ESPN along the silhouette. Seth Ader, vice president of brand marketing for ESPN added: “We are delighted to collaborate with Adidas and connecting two iconic sports brands with shared roots in 1979. The SportsCenter Top 10 is synonymous with greatness, just like adidas. Their design team did a brilliant job of combining retro touches with modern flair. ”

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