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Access to sport, a fundamental right

by archysport

Montholon sports complex just got a makeover. The opportunity to create a climbing wall about 30 meters long on the ground: half bouldering and half way. The opening took place in November 2021. It will be the 4th in the department. After Paron, Auxerre and Avallon.

These climbers are in the process of structuring themselves and are looking for other enthusiasts to create and animate this association together.

Autonomy, surpassing oneself and inclusion

Access to physical or sports activities is a fundamental right for all. Like a swimmer like Théo Curin, an athlete with a four limb amputee who crossed Lake Titicaca, disabled sports are mainly publicized at the time of the Paralympic Games, or during exceptional physical dedication. Except that before being champion, it is still necessary to have access to these sports disciplines. the Handisport in Yonne concerns 500 licensees, with physical or sensory disabilities. It exists nine clubs in the department, which offer a wide variety of sports. From archery to basketball, diving and even handball. In Saint Georges-sur-Baulches, there is a multisports section only dedicated to children from 4 to 18 years old.

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