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Aaron Rodgers shows foot to clarify that he does not suffer from ‘Covid foot’

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Aaron Rodgers showed his satiety once again about the coronavirus issue and He denied suffering from the sequel called ‘Covid foot’, as stated by the Wall Street Journal. The Packers quarterback even specified that actually suffers a fracture and showed his bare feet to the cameras during a virtual conference.

Glad you asked just so I can show my foot injuries here, so if I have enough space in this chamber, let me see if I can. Oh, there are no injuries of any kind. Oh what a surprise. No actually it’s called disinformation when false information about an individual is perpetuated. I have a broken toe“, he expressed at the press conference held through Zoom.

Rodgers joked this Tuesday in his weekly participation in ‘The Pat McAfee Show’ regarding the ‘Covid foot’, a possible sequel to the virus to which he tested positive on November 3, made by which the quarterback was widely criticized in the past weeks.

I had a lot of fun reading that article. It was very, very interesting, but no, never suffered from ‘foot COVID’ before. Pat made a joke about it on the show, and I mentioned it yesterday, that it is worse than a sprain and must be a bone problem, “added Rodgers, who said he expects an apology from the newspaper.

About his toe injury

The Packers quarterback indicated that the fracture is minimal, so that could be operated after this weekend, since Green Bay rests in Week 13, with which the QB no match would be missed.

There are also surgical options that would not involve wasting time, so luckily, we have a great orthopedic specialist in town, the best in the business, who everyone sends stuff to, “he said during the conference.


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