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A whole weekend of baseball and softball in the parks of Rovigo

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ROVIGO – Having left behind a record season, the Itas Mutua’s Baseball Softball Club Rovigo starts planning the next season’s activity insisting on the promotion of baseball and softball among the young and very young of the city. Next weekend there will be an intense three days of activities in the public parks of the Polesano capital, an initiative proposed in collaboration with the Municipality of Rovigo and included in the animation and redevelopment projects of many areas of the city promoted by the municipal administration.

For the entire weekend the rossoblù technicians and educators, coordinated by Elia Micai, will make themselves available to children and teenagers to try throws, jokes and catches in total safety and with tools specially made and free of charge at their disposal. Let’s start Friday, November 26, in the green areas of Città Giardino in the San Bortolo district from 3pm to 5pm. Saturday, in the same time slot, the Baseball Softball Club Rovigo will move to the historic center to give the opportunity to try baseball and softball in the evocative setting of the gardens of the Two Towers. The promotional activity will close Sunday, always from 3 to 5 pm, in the large green spaces of the Maddalena in Commenda park. All the children and young people of the city are invited to participate.

The three appointments follow the similar initiative proposed by the Rovigo club last February and will result in precious opportunities for parents too, who will be able to see closely the quality of the activity offered by the Baseball Softball Club Rovigo and ask for any information on membership for the new season. In fact, the normal training of the Under rossoblù continues unabated even during the winter period at the Barbujani gym, while the little ones of the minibaseball meet every Tuesday and Thursday from 16.30 to 18 at the Tintoretto gym. Anyone wishing to try their hand at baseball and softball will always be welcome.

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