A former NFL player wanted and captured after brutally assaulting his son’s mother

  • Zac Stacy brutally assaulted his son’s mother

  • The assault was recorded on the cameras that Kristin Evans had at home

  • The five month old baby was present at the time

Aberrant. This is the fact that has starred Zac Stacy, a former player of the NFL from Vanderbilt University, who is charged with brutally assault to the mother of his child, Kristin Evans, as it became known hours after the events after a video was broadcast.

They are currently searching after having gone to his ex-wife’s house on November 13 to visit his son. The Police have confirmed these facts and assures that it all began with the negotiation of the victim about the terms of separation and visitation for the little one of five months.

Kristin Evans’ testimony

Kristin has already appeared before the authorities and has given her version of events. “I think probably I was kept conscious by the presence of my son ”, Evans stated. “The nerves I had and knowing that the baby is there kept me in a state of consciousness. I just wanted to make sure my son was safe. “

The woman complained that although the images are clairvoyant and the aggressiveness of the former player is seen, this was not enough for the Oakland police to press felony charges against Stacey. “The charge of First felony was the fact that he broke my TV and that affected my walls, ”Evans said adding. “So my TV was worth more than my life that’s just not right.”

In the police reports it appears that Zac exposed all his strength against his ex-wife by beating her, pushing her and throwing her with objects from the house such as television. All this was recorded by the cameras that Kristin had in her house where at the end of the recording the disconsolate crying of the baby is seen.

This resulted in bruises on his face and legs, as well as bruises on his torso. Apparently this would not be the first time since in August the police have evidence of a dispute between the two and later in September.




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