A final of many carats

Gipuzkoan Murua hits the ball with his left foot in a previous match. / Ignacio Pérez

Mata y Aldave and Murua and Ibarloza will play today the txapelas of Biharko Izarrak, which is deputy in Mallabia and sponsors EL CORREO

The 17th edition of the Biharko Izarrak amateur ball tournament, which takes place in Mallabia and sponsors EL CORREO, will meet its new champions today (7 pm). Mata and Aldave face Murua and Ibarloza in a high-carat final. In view of the regularity maintained by the two combinations, it is a difficult prognosis. It may tend to be red because of the security transmitted by the Navarrese, but the Guipuzcoan and the Markina have more power and can be very dangerous if they manage to make it profitable.

It has cost, but the championship has been able to conclude despite the various setbacks suffered by the pandemic. In 2019 it was presented with 24 pelotaris and its characteristic format in which each game the forwards play with a different defender, but the confinement caused the organization to stop the competition and adapt it to be able to finish. In June it was resumed with fixed combinations, but only a couple of days could be played because the Navarrese pelotaris could not travel to Bizkaia and the attendance of the public was not allowed.

Both forwards were proclaimed in the month of October world champions sub’23

Once the situation normalized, it resumed at the beginning of the month. Mata and Aldave started as seeded players so they have played a couple of matches in which they have shown great rapport as they are from the same club, Oberena. The striker is in the orbit of Aspe and, together with Murua, he was proclaimed world champion sub’23 last October in the Castilian-Leonese town of Íscar, so it is a firm promise. The one from Arrasate has more brilliance in his shot, but sometimes he lacks patience to finish the goal. If you’re inspired and things work out, your explosiveness can be devastating.

Four and a half female

In the long frames there will be two defenders with experience in games of these characteristics so they will know how to manage the situation. Aldave is life insurance. He knows how to position himself and loses very little ball. Ibarloza has a little more punch and, so far, has been very focused. As a consequence, Markina’s has been one of the fewest mistakes in the last two games. If you can keep this constant, you can put up a lot of battle. The organizers selected the material for the summit clash last night, which as usual in the championship will be demanding.

The festival will open with a women’s match within the Cuatro y Medio. The Gipuzkoan Arrate Bergara will face the Biscayan Ainhoa ​​Ruiz de Infante with a mixed ball.



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