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Zlatanam scores 400th goal in national championships, leaders’ trio celebrates victories in Italy

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Zlatans Ibrahimovics Photo: “Milan”

Tonight in the Italian Series A, there were three games with the participation of the top teams in the tournament table, all three celebrating their victories.

The leader “Napoli” beat “Salernitana” 1-0. During the match, both teams remained in the team of ten people, while the only goal was scored by Polish midfielder Pjotr ​​Zelinski in the 61st minute, bringing “Napoli” tenth victory in 11 games.

Milan has an identical balance, beating Rome 2: 1 in an eventful match. The result was revealed in the 26th minute by the legendary Zlatan Ibrahimovich, who was the 400th goal of his career at the club level in the national championships. In the second half, the Swede doubled the lead, but after using the VAR system she goals was not credited due to the back.

However, this did not prevent Milan from achieving a two-goal lead very soon, as a penalty kick of 11 meters was scored by Frank Kessy on the Roma goal. In the 66th minute, the Milan team was left in the minority after Teo Ernandesa’s rejection, and during the compensation, home footballer Stefan El-Sharavi reduced the deficit, the guests keep the victory and they also had their tenth success this season.

Milan’s third-ranked Inter played Udinese 2-0. Both goals were scored in the second half, with Argentina’s Joaquin Korea scoring in the 60th and 68th minutes.

In France

The vice-leader of the tournament “Nice” defeated “Angers” 2: 1 away. During the match, the guests came in 0: 1, but thanks to two Andy Delort goals, they were able to succeed and keep the second place in the tournament table. Also in third place was Marseille’s Olympique, which beat Clermon 1-0, scoring the only goal for Turkish midfielder Genghis Undera.

Bordeaux also defeated Reims 3: 2, Montpellier defeated Nantes 2-0, Strasbourg defeated Lorient 4-0, Brest was superior to Monaco – 2: 0, but the match between “Troyes” and “Rennes” ended with a draw 2: 2.


Madrid’s “Atletico” defeated “Betis”, “Cadiz” and “Mallora” 3: 0 in a draw, “Getafe” was superior to “Espanyol” – 2: 1, and “Real Sociedad” and “Bilbao” Athletic the winner was not determined.


Augsburg played Stuttgart 4: 1, while Mönchengladbach’s Borussia took three points in a game against Bochum, celebrating a 2: 1 victory.


Norwich City and Leeds United were tied 1: 1, while Aston Willa lost West Ham United 1: 4, with four different players on the winning team.

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