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Zion Williamson’s alarming video before the Pelicans game!

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Zion Williamson had his foot operated on during the summer and is not yet sure when he will be able to make his debut this season. He did some practice before the Knicks game, and his physical condition looks worrisome.

In difficulty at the start of the season, the Pelicans point to a pitiful record of a victory for 6 defeats in total. This is hardly surprising for a team that lost a lot of elements during the summer, and which faced the best franchise today: the Knicks. Yes, you read that correctly, it is the New York team which is currently at the top.

But playing outside is never easy, except that RJ Barrett decided to take matters into their own hands. By releasing 35 points (career record), 8 rebounds and 6 assists, the Canadian was a hit. Victory 123-117, while Zion Williamson could only admire his former Duke teammate wreaking havoc.

Zion’s disturbing physical condition

Foot operated, Zion does not yet know when he will play. He continues his tests, but his future is unclear. What is worrying, however, is its weight. We could see him before the match on the floor doing exercises, and it is clear that the interior is let go. On the video which will follow, the doubt is not allowed.

Zion is known for his unusual physique, but he won’t be able to keep up with the NBA pace like that. Neither can her body, since injuries to her feet and knees can easily happen. The Pels must react, and help him lose a few pounds quickly. In any case, it is something that worries the fans.

Looks like he’s put on 10 pounds more compared to Duke. I can’t believe how he got fat so fast.

Zion Williamson looks out of shape, and clearly far from making a comeback in the NBA. The Pelicans keep the mystery alive, and that’s understandable. We will know more in the coming weeks, at least if all goes well.

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