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by archysport

At the beginning of the game Olivol Mundial surprised Defensor Sporting with a very dynamic basketball. He defended hard, put the ball in the paint and broke with the Danridge-Ianguas duo. The local depended on the breaks of Gonzalo Álvarez but suffered poor effectiveness in the three-point shot. Diego Álvarez joined Olivol’s party with a bomb and Gonzalo Fernandez’s men were up by up to six points (18-12). In the closing of the boy both were imprecise, but the team of Millán and Sitio Grande still went up 18-14 at the end of the first ten minutes. The second continued with the same trend. Olivol’s substitutes did not lower the intensity of the initials and always managed an interesting income. Those of Tito with Cabot as a standard tried from the triple and the breaks after pick. A triple was placed and it seemed that it was put into play. But… again Tony. He put offenses on his shoulder when his team ran out of a goal and allowed him to again open six points and go 36-30 at the end of the second quarter.

The third quarter was technically very attractive. Alessio was important in the game with his back to the basket, while Pierce hurt Sporting’s defense when he stopped in the zone. The game became very intense and Olivol went wrong on offense. In the blink of an eye, the local put a 5-0 run and managed to pass on the scoreboard for the first time since the first quarter. But those of Millán and Sitio Grande were not daunted. Always with Tony as a figure, they managed to stay in play and find a very interesting alternation on the scoreboard. So much so that with triples from Danridge and Diego Álvarez plus conversions from Pierce and Ianguas he regained the lead and went 60-55 at the end of the third. The last one was crazy. When Defensor was expected to leave the rest and take the game once and for all, Olivol Mundial pulled out his best resources and began to play the best basketball of the night. All of its protagonists became important and it did not depend on a single player. Sporting tried with some Cabot bomb but Olivol was very strong and making his fans delirious he put goal after goal, to end up taking the match in figures of 86-76 and put his first victory in the history of the LUB.

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