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WOMEN’S BASKETBALL A2 / Thunder Basket Matelica, 20-0 defeat

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The company had renounced the trip to Cagliari for the return flight canceled by Alitalia. Fine of 2000 €

MATELICA, October 13, 2021 – As was to be expected the Thunder basket Matelica has seen defeat inflicted at the table for 20-0 for the waiver last Saturday at the trip to the land of Sardinia for the return flight canceled by Alitalia which would have allowed the newly promoted to return to Matelica only on Tuesday, three days after the debut in Cagliari in the new league.

The club of the President Euro Gatti had communicated to the Federation that “The airline Alitalia had canceled the return flight Cagliari-Rome scheduled at 19.30 on Saturday 9/10/2021 and, despite the research, had not found alternative sustainable solutions both from an economic point of view and in relation to the situations workers and family members of the players and their staff “.

The National Sports Judge of the Italian Basketball Federation however, he expressed himself on the non-dispute of the competition homologating the result of 20-0 in favor of the Sardinian team and placing a fine against our company.

This is the reason: «Considering that the problem represented by the company concerned the return trip; that the risk of any unforeseen event (in this case, cancellation of the flight) that occurs after the race is held is inherent in the trip itself and, especially where there are alternative solutions, albeit inconvenient, cannot allow the company to decide autonomously not to participate in the match, without taking into account the obvious repercussions that such a decision entails for the participants in the competition (opposing team, referees, field officials), equating such behavior, to the renunciation of the contest itself (art . 14 REG); Having said that, the National Sports Judge believes that he cannot apply the cause of force majeure invoked by Thunder Basket Matelica, and to approve the match with the result of 20-0 ».

With reference to this decision, the company specified: «We take note of the decision of the National Sports Judge; we also reiterate our utmost commitment in having tried to quickly find an alternative solution, which became extremely complicated following the numerous flight cancellations over the past weekend and the consequent difficulty in relocating the entire our team group. That said, we will continue to put our maximum effort both from an organizational and technical point of view into this 2021/22 women’s Serie A2 championship, in which we participate with enthusiasm, with the will to do well and with seriousness, despite the unfortunate episode of the first. day”.

Now the game board debut will take place Saturday 16 October in Cerreto D’Esi, start at 18 against San Salvatore Techfind Selargius another quintet from Cagliari.



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