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Without forcing (or shining), Standard dismisses Mouscron and goes to the round of 16

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It wasn’t great football but the Standard more than likely will be satisfied. Without forcing (or shining), the Rouches provided the essentials by dismissing Mouscron to qualify for the round of 16 of the Belgian Cup (0-1).

Incisive at the start of the match, the Liégeois quickly realized their domination thanks to an early penalty of John Klauss. Subsequently, they calmly managed the meeting, blocking the rare pranks of Mouscron. 0-1 final score therefore at the end of a meeting which will undoubtedly not remain in the annals.

However, we will note a second good news on the Liège side: after six months of absence, Merveille Bokadi has made a comeback on a football field.

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The summary

Duel between two sick teams this Tuesday evening in the Belgian Cup. On the one hand, Mouscron who drags his spleen in the shallows of the D1B. On the other, a Standard which is desperately looking for an identity and a semblance of creativity.

Bodart, Raskin and Siquet spared, the “forgotten” Gavory, Sissako, Dönnum or Pavlovic have the opportunity to redo the icing against the Hurlus.

A goal … and then nothing

Mouscronnois who sink (even) further into the crisis from the start of the match. Much too rough in his intervention, Simba roughly mows Sissako in the area and “offers” a penalty to the Rouches. Joao Klauss does not need to be prayed for and already sends the Hurlus back to their studies (0-1, 6’).

Well in his game despite this reorganized team, Standard quietly manages the meeting and the timid attacks from Mouscron. It’s very simple, for a good twenty minutes … nothing happens.

Only Nicolas Gavory, although against the Circle, remember the good memories of the field by intervening perfectly on one of the rare opposing pranks (31 ‘). Hurlus who take a new blow on the coffee maker with the exit on injury of the precious Christophe Diandy.

Well in his match, the Standard does not force his talent but puts his nose out of the window twice with these successive strikes (but without danger) from Tapsoba (39 ‘) and Bastien (41’). Curtain.

Mouscron too imprecise, the Standard holds up

Two changes later (Lepoint and Bourdouxhe get involved), Mouscron tries to shake the Liège coconut tree but is dramatically imprecise in the construction. Only the unfortunate Simba, guilty on the penalty, tries to create the danger, without success.

But the Standard tends to back down and is exposed to the awakening of the Hurlus. And on one of the rare corners of the premises, Angiulli catapults a head… which flirts dangerously with Henkinet’s latte. No charge warning for the Rouches!

Liégeois who play with their happiness, quite simply not managing to plant this second preponderant goal which would put them in the shelter. Fortunately for them, Mouscron always stalls in the last gesture. And ten minutes from the end, Merveille Bokadi finally signs his comeback after six long months of absence. What galvanize the people of Liège? Not sure since the last minutes rhyme with sterile domination of Mouscron. Without shining, Standard therefore snatched its qualification for the round of 16 after 90 minutes… just like its season.

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