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wins in Rubiera and has full points

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Volleyball Sangiorgio on the difficult Reggio Emilia field wins three points and remains with full points in the standings with two victories in as many matches in group G of the B2 championship. The albicelesti start with Salimbeni-Hodzic, Tonini-Marc, Zoppi and d’Adamo, Tacchini free; the start of the match is balanced, 8-8, then the home team stretches to 18-15 forcing coach Capra to stop time. Some errors of Sangiorgio give the extension to Rubiera (21-15) who in fact closes the set on 25-19.


Gilioli for Hodzic enter the second, moving Tonini in place and Molinari for D’Adamo: the Piacenza team starts with a different gear (5-14) and closes 14-25. The music does not change in the next two: where there has been no match where the Sangiorgio Volleyball does not allow the opponents to re-enter the match and to close with the match, winning 9-25 and 10-25.

Rubierese Volley-Volleyball Sangiorgio 1-3 (25-19, 14-25, 9-25, 10-25)

Volleyball Sangiorgio: Tacchini (L), Errico, Perini, Gilioli 9, Molinari 13, Galelli, Salimbeni 5, Tonini 18, Viaroli (L), Zoppi 10, Hodzic 1, Marc 10, D’Adamo 2. All .: Capra.

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