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Who is the woman behind Louis Hamilton’s countless achievements in F-1? – Motor sports – Apollo.lv – Sports

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“She has a very, very important role to play,” Hamilton said in a recent interview, claiming that without Angela Kalen’s support, she would hardly have survived the F-1 environment.

Hamilton can almost always be seen with his personal trainer Angela Kalen. Although Hamilton is the statistically most successful Formula 1 driver in history with a name at the top of many tables, he claims he could not have done it without Kalen.

Kalena has been with Hamilton on a regular basis since 2016, and in a recent interview the British athlete explained that before that he had regular difficulties of various kinds, writes Thesportsrush.com.

Lewis Hamilton and Angela Kalen

FOTO: AP / Scanpix

“Angela and I are incredibly close,” Hamilton said. “We live pretty much together and we’re also close as friends. I’m very, very lucky to have found Angel because she’s a very special person.”

Hamilton reveals that when he came to Formula 1, he did not have his own trainer, he was given one. In essence, he was a physiotherapist, but only for a certain time – for the weekend of the competition.

“Usually it was a guy I worked with. He was with me and trained with me, but from time to time I noticed various problems or minor injuries. You realize that your neck hurts or no matter where else there is a problem but I never had anyone to fix it. “

Angela Kalena

PHOTO: SIPA / Scanpix

When he met Kalen, he immediately asked him to join him, and since then the personal trainer has played a huge role in Hamilton’s success in royal motorsport.

“We’ve grown a lot on our journey together, both in how we organize our weekends, how we prepare by choosing the least stressful route, and in making sure I’m as riding as possible when in the climbing car,” explains Hamilton, adding that Angela with he is every day from 6-7 in the morning until 22-23 in the evening.

“She has a very important role. It’s a very important relationship. I don’t think this year has brought us closer than any other year, but we love our work. We like to do what we do, we like to do it together. I don’t think that could do without her, “- said Hamilton.


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