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What will they be when MaDuren

by archysport

The game started better for Aguada with very good work from Mata in attack, little by little the aurinegro corrected behind and those led by Seoane lost many balls. Aguilera showed the best in Peñarol in both sectors, but those of Avenida San Martín with Leandro and the entrance of Duren (two tremendous bombs) opened twelve, 25-13. Peñarol defended poorly, but sought to continue in the game, in fact the boy closed with a double from Tito Borsellino on the buzzer that put the 27-18 for the aguatero.

The second quarter continued with the same trend, Duren set the pace of play for Aguada who even associated very well with Calfani from the pick and opened 14 maximum (34-20). It was difficult for the mirasol to convert, Liggins had little participation, Roberts was the one he loved the most but in the painting he was well contained, when he opened, he hurt. The effectiveness of the aguatero fell and Peñarol showed another face on offense, Espindola and Flowers appeared to reduce to five (40-35). Seoane asked for a minute and corrected, he showed that you can not even blink against his team because he liquidates you, with Calfani, Duren plus a triple by Izaguirre at the end of the first half they placed a 10-2 and the score of 50-37.

The long rest lap was a deadly ERA from beyond 6.75. Aguilera and Flowers were the most incisive in the manya while Izaguirre with his boiling hand stood out in the aguatero. The game was somewhat choppy due to fouls, with almost five minutes left to play, both were already engaged in collectives. Peñarol stretched the defense and gave results, García was on Duren so that he did not come out comfortable, the helps were attentive, the percentage of Aguada fell, the aurinegro based on free games dipped and closed six points down, 60-54.

The last quarter opened with a 4-0 by Peñarol at the hands of Flowers and Roberts. Seoane did not delay in asking for a minute, he asked for safe shots and that is how his team responded with two straight bombs Calfani first and García Morales later (66-58). That income allowed him to manage the game with another clarity, those led by López sought with Roberts and Diego García as pillars. When Aguada had it ugly, Duren appeared, he took the game for him with almost seven points that gave the San Martín 12 income (78-66) and with four minutes to play, Pablo López burned his last half but his own did not respond. The water carrier did not take his foot off the accelerator, he liquidated the shares even two minutes before, Seoane sent the kids to the game rectangle and sealed the victory 84-70

Aguada was up on the scoreboard all night, Seoane has an idea of ​​the game that the team is gradually maturing, the moments and times of the players are respected, without a doubt that this team is going to be an entertainer and wants to give that speak on 100th birthday.

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