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What sport to meet a guy? Make your choice !

by archysport

It’s time to give your all in a sport or activity that you are passionate about. Tired of group lessons, want a change? And why not combine the useful, taking care of your body, with the pleasant … (but also useful) with a sport to meet a guy.

Zumba, yoga, or gluteal abs classes are not known to attract much evil. So, exit these activities between girls, just the time to discover you a new passion for another sport … and a handsome man with whom perhaps … your bachelor soul could get back on its feet. But rather than spending hours on a dating app, think of an activity where everyone is relaxed. But mostly single. There, on this point, nothing is guaranteed but we can in any case hope so! Be careful, this is not about getting your nose broken in karate or breaking a rib in the middle of a rugby match. First, it’s not very sexy, and then above all, you have to get your foot in the activity first. Here is a small podium of sports and possible activities …

Climbing: elected THE sport to meet a hot guy

Ah climbing and its harness that perfectly outlines the buttocks. It hurts a little, of course, but we must admit that what must be highlighted is times 2. Sporty sides: Generally these are muscular men, but with finesse. Far from the musclores of the room. Yes, a good climber should be sharp and should have long, lean muscles. And above all an extraordinary back!

The personality : Climbing enthusiasts are often nature enthusiasts, ready to climb the wall of a romantic waterfall at will. Maybe a little hippie at heart, nothing better for a potential future healthy couple.

An efficient sport: apart from falling on the man of your life, climbing allows you to become flexible and work on your balance. For the muscles, the calves, thighs, buttocks, biceps, shoulders and back (so everything!) Will be drawn to perfection.

Badminton: to combine complicity and cardio

Fan of the shutter at the beach with the handsome tanned kids in swimsuits? Why not try the badminton experience in your city. Badminton is always played with a minimum of two, and in addition, if you join a club, you will see people every week. A big positive point to create a good understanding.

The personality : Badminton junkies are very diverse. The youngster who wants to improve his average at the BAC, the trendy thirty-something, or the quadra who can not do without sport. One thing is certain, it will inevitably be fast and cash, and with a grip!

An efficient sport: Ranked 2nd most practiced sport in the world, it allows you to work your cardio but also your abs and shoulders. We love !

Golf: for a classy and zen man

Not really a sports fan? Good thing, golf is more of an activity than a real sport. In addition, it is possible to do it at any age, as long as your shoulders can swing.

The personality : The preconceived idea of ​​the rich fifty-something looking for a young girl is over. However, the golfer remains a man with an elevated lifestyle, good chic good kind, very distinguished and with good manners. To convince you: he does not give way but is always Zen.

An efficient sport: you won’t burn a lot of calories thanks to golf, on the other hand your well-being will be at its peak.

Have you made your choice?

Ophelia Moisant

Curious and passionate writer who likes to unearth the latest trends and share her Healthy and Sport tips!

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