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Weekend full of bjj, mma and judo competitions

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This weekend was packed with brazilian jiu jitsu, mma and judo competitions.

Bjj is good

At the PalaTorrino in Rome, FIGMMA, the Italian Federation of Grappling and Mix Martial Arts, organized the Italian Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championship on Saturday 16 October and the Italian MMA Championship on Sunday 17 October.
There was a high number of participants and through the use of the Smoothcomp platform the athletes could see the progress of the competition in real time, knowing exactly the exact time of their matches.


For the bjj there were 8 tatami mats and the categories ranged from 4 and 5 year old “kids” up to veterans, divided by belt and weight. In addition, there were also the open for each belt color where only the athletes who arrived first in their category could access, except for the black belts who could participate regardless.

The new FIGMMA national bjj champions are:

female categories black belts

  • -54,4 kg Serena Gabrielli (Flow)
  • -74,8 kg Rita Tana (Waza Arenzano)

male categories black belts

  • -64 kg Simone Auricchio (Wrestlers Milan)
  • -70 kg Marco Gavino (Matside Jiu Jitsu)
  • -76 kg Rafael Torres Henrique placeholder image (Rilion Gracie Italia)
  • -82,1 kg Maicol Benetti (Matside Jiu Jitsu)
  • -88,2 kg Ganbagana Mendbayar (Fn Fight.co Europe)
  • -94,1 kg Viking Wai Chun Wong (Inglorious Grapplers – Hong Kong)
  • +100,2 kg Niccolò Bartolazzi (Flow)

The first three companies were:

  1. Matside Jiu Jitsu (1694 points)
  2. Flow (844 points)
  3. Waza Arenzano (671 points)

To see all the rankings visit https://figmma.smoothcomp.com/it/event/3675/results


While for mma there were 2 cages and 4 tatami mats. The categories ranged from “novices”, aged 12 and 13, to veterans, divided as for the bjj by belt and weight.

The new FIGMMA national mma champions are:

female categories

  • -52 kg Martina Corradi (D. F. Team asd)
  • -57 kg Giulia Volpe (Ishi-Ryoku)
  • -61 kg Melanie Corbatto (Aurora Mma)

Male categories

  • -57 kg Cristiano Ottaviani (Ishi-Ryoku)
  • -61 kg Fidel Gramiccia (Furor Belli Rome)
  • -66 kg Marco Sterpetti (Spazioforma Biella)
  • -70 kg Luca Borando (Cardano Top Team)
  • -77 kg Jimi Tchintcharauli (Wolf Temple – Georgia)
  • -84 kg Khadim Dia (Aurora Mma)
  • -93 kg Andrea Di Francesco (D. F. Team asd)
  • -120 kg Mamadou Lamine Badji (Aurora Mma – Senegal)
  • +120 kg Christian Concepts (Aurora Mma)

The first three companies were:

  1. Aurora Mma (1530 points)
  2. Ishi-Ryoku (1032 points)
  3. Wolf Temple (670 points)

To see all the rankings visit https://figmma.smoothcomp.com/it/event/3695/results


As for judo there have been two events, the Grand Slam in Paris, the most prestigious international competition that has a particular atmosphere, and the European Senior Cup in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

In Paris, Italy fielded only two alteti: Susanna Scutto (-48 kg), two-week junior world champion and current bronze medalist at the European Youth Championships, and Angelo Pantano (-60 kg), silver medal at the Zagreb Grand Prix three weeks ago. For both athletes it was their first participation in this great event.
Scutto, despite a difficult pool, managed to finish seventh, a very respectable result, considering both the young age and the clear physical superiority of the opponents.
Pantano unfortunately found himself in the first round in front of the strong Japanese Genki Koga, very strong in ne-waza (part of judo on the ground). The blue athlete had to surrender right in the ne-waza, which is his Achilles heel.

While in Dubrovnik Italy was present with 29 athletes: Stefano Monticone, Mario Petrosino, Andrej Ferro, Rocco Terranova, Diego Rea (-60 kg), Leonardo Valeriani (-66kg), Andrea Spicuglia, Gabriele Sulli, Davide Nuzzo, Davide Ripandelli (-73 kg), Luigi Pippa, Tiziano Falcone, Emanuele Bruno (-81 kg), Matteo Rovegno (-90 kg), Kevyn Perna (-100 kf), Lorenzo Turini (+100 kg), Sofia Petitto (-48 kg) ), Eleonora Crescini (-52 kg), Chiara Zuccaro, Silvia Pellitteri, Tea Patri, Francesca Ripandelli (-57 kg), Cristina Piccin, Agnese Zucco, Beatrice Ranzato, Flavia Favorini, Chiara Cacchione (-63 kg), Raffaella Lelia Ciano (-70 kg), Eleonora Ghetti (+78).
Italy conquered with Sofia Petitto (-48 kg) and Mario Petrosino (-60 kg), the silver of Gabriele Sulli (-73 kg), the bronze of Stefano Monticone (-60 kg), two fifth places with Eleonora Ghetti (+78 kg) and Lorenzo Turini (+100 kg) and seventh place of Matteo Rovegno (-90 kg) .

I thank FIJLKAM (Italian Federation of Judo Fight Karate and Martial Arts) for the photo, where there are the Italians medaled at the European Senior Cup in Dubrovnik.

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