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“We did anything”

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Patrice Garande (DFCO coach): “I think this setback is logical because when you start like that, you are not immune. We had a catastrophic first half, where we were upside down. It is therefore very complicated to winning matches. We didn’t play at our level, nor together, we just swung in front, we were static. We reacted in the second half, Paris FC let us come and try to counter us. I did not recognize my team in the attitude and behavior. We are logically punished. It was perhaps a day without. We did anything. “

Thierry Laurey (Paris FC coach): “We were not bright, but we were efficient to score one goal more than the opponent. We had possibilities to score the second goal, it does not play on much. We recovered some Strong interesting balloons. Dijon posed a lot of problems for us, we were well organized to pose problems for them. ”

Yassine Benzia (DFCO): “We were less sharp, less together”

“We weren’t efficient, but we didn’t play like in the last few matches. We were less sharp, less together. Despite this, we don’t deserve to lose: it’s frustrating. The quality of play was not the same as in the last matches: it was perhaps a game without. The PFC came to tighten the lines, we knew that. We did a first period without, it’s hard to swallow tonight. “

Aurélien Scheidler (DFCO striker): “It’s inevitably frustrating to lose a game, but we are not to blame. We don’t have a good first half, we rebelled in the second half, but it’s Ligue 2: when a team scores, it often closes the house. We did not manage to come back to the score even though I think we had a good second half. “

Senou Coulibaly (DFCO defender): “We didn’t do what was necessary to win this match. We fell back into our faults, we felt it from the first period when we weren’t putting in a lot of movements, where we weren’t playing quickly, we weren’t limiting our touches of balls. When it’s like that, we are a lambda team, a bottom team in Ligue 2. ”

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