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Walter-Luzi stadium in Chambly: the work stoppage for six months provokes the anger of the leaders of the club

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Chambly went through all the states this week. Qualified on Saturday for the 7th round of the Coupe de France thanks to its victory (3-2) in Maubeuge (N3), Bruno Luzi’s team, which led 1-0 in the 90th minute in Châteauroux, lost in time additional (2-1) Tuesday during the 12th day of National. And on Friday, yet another episode concerning the construction of the Walter-Luzi stadium, which has been stopped for six months when it is 85% completed, upset the leaders of Chambly.

The investigative chamber of the Amiens court of judicial appeal rejected the appeal of the municipality of Chambly. It thus confirms the decision of the Senlis court of April 30 to interrupt work for six months, for lack of an environmental assessment. The municipality is still awaiting the verdict of the Administrative Court of Appeal of Douai, concerning the environmental authorization issued by the Prefecture of Oise.

“The municipality had started an environmental impact study in the spring. This study has been completed and the file is submitted. It is included in the new request for environmental authorization which will allow, at the end of the procedure, the resumption of work without waiting for the decision of the administrative court of appeal of Douai ”, assured the town hall of Chambly in our columns on Friday. .

At the club, we oscillate between fatalism and anger in the face of this “hostage-taking” in a conflict between the town hall and an ecological association (Association for the development of the valley of the Esches). “Legally, it is not us who are attacked, so we can not do anything”, we deplore at the club. President Fulvio Luzi did not wish to speak on the matter. “When we moved to Ligue 2 in May 2019, our exile in Beauvais was planned for the first leg and we were to take possession of the stadium in early 2020. It was promised, sworn … Almost two years later, we are in the middle of rubble ”, angered a club leader.

A resumption of work hoped for in the best case in February 2022

Jean-Michel Rouet, former journalist for the Team, member of the Chambly steering committee, posted a scathing message on his personal Facebook page. “In our beautiful country of France, we can therefore build a stadium with taxpayer money and stop everything when the stadium is 90% finished. Justice is doing its job but, on arrival, FC Chambly-Oise is the victim of an absurd, ubiquitous and revolting situation… It’s stupid to cry… Common sense would have been to answer this question from the start very simple: is it possible or not to build a stadium there? If it was yes, the site had to be completed. If it was no, the stadium had to be built elsewhere… It was just common sense. But this country really works on its head… ”

The results of the environmental study initiated by the town hall should be known during the month of November. And if all goes well, in the best case, we hope in Chambly that work can resume in February, or even April 2022. But, in the meantime, the 600 licensees from Chambly will still have to wait before playing in their new stadium. And it will probably not be for this season yet.

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