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Vosges. The French judo federation relies on Vittel for the future of healthy sport

by archysport

For decades, judo has had only one purpose: competition. It must be said that until recently, unlike swimming or running, little was known about its concrete virtues in medicine. But since 2015, the French Judo Federation (FFJDA) has been trying to bring in profiles of non-athletes in dojos, who are not looking for medals or performance. Rather to talk, socialize, recover motor skills or reduce chronic pain.

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Michèle Lionnet, national director of technical training – the sensei of the sensei – went this week to Vittel with the medical representatives of the federation, to discover the workshops of the CPO and possibly enrich the “judo sport and health” accreditation. the FFJDA, which already allows, in some cases, to be prescribed “oto-makikomi” and “ashi-guruma” directly from your doctor.

New resources for new audiences

“Five or six years ago, we started to support people with Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s on the mat,” explains the trainer. But for the moment, it is only in Angers that workshops supervised by the federation exist. “So in Vittel, the presence of the CPO and a health sport center irremediably attracted the FFJDA. She concludes: “People with rheumatism, diabetics, the elderly… here, we do not change the technique, but we find new means for new audiences. On that day, seven people benefited from the attention of the judokas.

For more information on the sports and health system offers: www.ville-vittel.fr

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