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“Villa is my favorite tournament and the goal is to go for gold”

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Raquel Burgos, before training yesterday at El Quirinal. / LADYBUG

Raquel Burgos, the youngest judoka to debut with Judo Avilés in the National League, will try to win the under-15 competition this weekend


Raquel Burgos (Avilés, 14 years old) has earned herself to become one of the strongest promises of Judo Avilés, an eternal nursery of medalists, also internationally, since its foundation in 2001. Rodrigo Burgos’ sister, also a judoka In her 17-year-old case, a few weeks ago she made history by becoming the youngest judoka in the club to play a match in the First Division of the Women’s National League.

For Raquel, five-time Asturias champion in the juvenile category, the achievement has been a turning point, because “it was an unforgettable experience that has encouraged me to train even harder to continue achieving important things.” The first on his list, to hang the gold this weekend at the Villa de Avilés International Tournament.

“The Villa is my favorite tournament,” says the young judoka, silver in 2019 in the children’s category and participant on several occasions by teams in the juvenile category. «You see all the people from the club helping, a great judo atmosphere in the city and at the sports center and your family and friends supporting. I’m really looking forward to the weekend and the goal is to go for the gold. It is clear to me », he smiles.

With a shy look but firm speech, clear ideas and a way of expressing herself unusual for her age, Raquel is in third year of ESO and combines judo with swimming, training a couple of days a week. “I have never been federated in any club, but I like swimming and it helps me when it comes to fighting. I have more stamina and it is also very good for the back, in terms of strength and to keep you upright on the mat. My brother had to quit swimming in the second year of high school, but I will try to balance it while I can, “he says.

The avilesina competes in the -52 kilos category, where in the National League she had to face much older judokas. “At first it shocks you a bit, but when the fight starts, you only think about the things you have to do. I adapted quite well and I hope to use the experience to face people my age now.

Raquel is one of the medal hopes of Judo Avilés at Villa, although not the only one. Like every edition, the level of the Avilesian quarry will ensure good participation, although the commitment of the club members goes far beyond the results. And it is that even veterans and ex-judokas will once again put on the club’s kit to lend a hand in El Quirinal.


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