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Victory for the Royal Team Lamezia at Palasparti against Segato Women

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Lamezia Terme – The Royal Team Lamezia returns to victory and gets rid of the Segato Women at Palasparti in the first of the six derbies planned for this season. The formation of Mr. Giorgi absolutely wanted the victory to forget the undeserved slip of last Sunday on which the green-and-white coach still complained for the non-expulsion of an opponent highlighted in the rereading of the video of the match. “The game – reads a note – was not easy at all because the host team gave a hard time throughout the match trying in any way to play it but had to lower the flag, despite the fact that it had been kept. also afloat from the parades of the former Cacciola. Mister Giorgi sends Toledo on the field between the posts with Ferreira, Martinez, Marin and Aliotta on the move while on the other side Morabito responds with Cacciola in defense of the goal, Romola, Loprevite, Florio and Macrì The game promises to be spectacular and in fact it is, with the hosts that after 05’22 “are already 2-0. Ferreira’s first goal at 03’40”; the Brazilian Estrelinha is good at to close on a relaunch by Romola, take the ball and with a left-right to avoid Cacciola’s exit and deposit in the net. The doubling of Martinez who from the height of the free throw hits the intersection of the poles where Cacciola cannot reach “.

“The match continues with Royal always in attack and Segato – continues the note – who tries to fight back but no other scoring arrives in the first half. In the second half the green-and-white team scores three more times with a brace from Aliotta and a goal from Marin who also hits a crossbar. The third goal after 03’25 “with Aliotta who takes advantage of an assist to Calendi’s kiss from the flag. The fourth goal is the work of Marin who places himself in a pivot position and touches the ball just enough with his head dished by Martinez to mock the extreme guest. Aliotta still thinks about pokerissimo who perfectly finalizes a scheme on a free-kick with the complicity of Ferreira. Less than six minutes to the end comes the goal of the Segato flag by Macheda who exploits a assist by Macrì at the far post to deposit in the net. In the midst of all these achievements there are many opportunities not exploited to the best or neutralized by the extreme defenders, in particular by Cacc iola that has unraveled more than one critical situation “.


“We are a young team that must grow”

At the end of the match, Mr. Giorgi is very satisfied and confident for the rest of the season and thus analyzes the match: “We wanted to do well after analyzing our mistakes last Sunday without feeling sorry for ourselves, even if some decisions went unnoticed, in particular a sensational expulsion that perhaps would have changed things on the pitch. Today was a good match, a show we all enjoyed. We have to have fun and entertain and by doing so, the results will also come. We are a young team that must grow and if we remain humble we can reach the end ”.

Royal Team Lamezia – Segato Women 5-1

Goals: 1Q 03’40 ”Ferreira 05’22” Martinez 2T 03’25 ”Aliotta 07’16” Marin 11’29 ”Aliotta 14’04” Macheda

Royal Team Lamezia: Fakaros, Aliotta, Martinez, Marin, Ferreira, Toledo, Branca, De Sarro, Capuano, Calendi, Ruffo, Perri. Coach: Moreno Giorgi

Segato Women: Cacciola, Loprevite, Florio, Romola, Macrì, Macheda, Loiacono, Alessi, Spano, Manti, Ardizzone, Zito. Coach: Morabito Santo

Referees: Antonio Turiano from Reggio Calabria and Antonino Mandaradoni from Vibo Valentia with Giovanna Zubba from Lamezia Terme at the time trial.

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