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Unvaccinated Kimmich visited children in the hospital – football

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Bayern star Joshua Kimmich himself confirmed on Saturday, not to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. A week before that he was still in the hospital.

The Bayern kicker said on Saturday, he has “personal concerns”, as there are no long-term studies on the approved vaccines yet. The vaccination discussion at the German record champions solved a positive corona test despite complete vaccination protection from coach Julian Nagelsmann the end. Five Bayern players are not vaccinated, reported the “Bild”, Kimmich is one of them.

This comes as a surprise mainly because the midfielder and his teammate after the outbreak of the pandemic started the “We Kick Corona” campaign. In any case, the reputation of the German team player has suffered.

Kimmich visited children in the hospital

The 26-year-old always stood up for a good cause. This is also made clear by a hospital visit by the Munich midfield engine, which is seen from a different perspective after the vaccination revelations on Saturday.

Before leaving for the Champions League guest appearance at Benfica Lisbon, Kimmich and 1860 Munich coach Michael Köllner visited seriously ill children in the palliative care center and in the heart ward of the Großhadern Clinic and in the Hauner Children’s Clinic. Unvaccinated, as has now become known.

With a test in the hospital

Did the Bayern star act negligently and put children at risk? In any case, there is a lot of discussion in social networks. It is clear that the 3G rule applied in the hospital, as the “image” was confirmed. Kimmich, who, as an unvaccinated player, is tested every two to three days at the club, was therefore able to present a negative PCR test. During the entire visit, the 26-year-old wore two FFP2 masks on top of each other.

“At such moments there are no arch rivals,” said Kimmich, deeply moved after the visit. And Coach Köllner added: “Tears flowed. I don’t even know who gave whom more courage. I the children or they us.” The two had brought jerseys and other gifts with them.

A commitment by the German soccer star that deserves special mention. After all, Kimmich is a role model. And not just during a visit to the hospital.

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