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UFC 267 – Former Special Forces Frenchman Makes UFC Debut This Weekend!

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Ciryl Gane may no longer be the only Frenchman to shine in the UFC! Indeed, this Saturday, Bon Gamin will be able to observe a great tricolor hope in the octagon for his big debut. And this talent has a very particular destiny, since it comes directly from the French special forces!

With the enormous gain in popularity of MMA in France in recent years, there should be more and more French representatives in the largest federations on the planet. At the UFC for example, Ciryl Gane wears the colors of the French flag high as he is interim heavyweight champion, and he will soon have the opportunity to reign alone in the premier class.

And soon, “Bon Gamin” could be joined by other stars. For example, Morgan Charrière, huge star on social networks, is only a few impressive victories at Cage Warriors from a well-deserved crossing of the Atlantic. If he recovers his belt by the end of 2022, he should get a call from Dana White, still on the hunt for popular fighters.

Benoît Saint-Denis against a tough opponent at UFC 267

This phone call, Benoît Saint-Denis received it a few months ago, and this Saturday, October 30, he will make his big debut in the octagon at the Etihad Arena in Abu Dhabi! During the preliminary card for UFC 267, this 25-year-old Frenchman will have the opportunity to show Dana White that his record of 8 wins and 0 losses, all before the time limit, is not due to chance. . He will face a strong opponent, but the march is largely up to him.

Indeed, this former special forces of the French army, who therefore traded his rifle for gloves, will face Elizeu Zaleski, 22 career victories and 7 defeats, including 8-3 since his arrival at the UFC. The latter is renowned for his strike force, but the Frenchman will have the advantage on the ground. He should therefore avoid long exchanges of blows in an attempt to subdue his opponent.

This Saturday around 6 p.m., the one who was responsible for the protection of François Hollande during several visits to Mali will have the opportunity to show the extent of his talent to the world. And whatever the outcome of this long-awaited fight, we must not forget that Benoit Saint-Denis started MMA in 2019, and that his presence in the UFC is already a victory.

Benoit Saint-Denis has everything to succeed in the UFC. The talent, already, but also the history that goes with it. In a country that loves its army as much as the United States, it could become the public’s darling!

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