Home judo Two members of the Alliance Judo Limoges vying for a world title

Two members of the Alliance Judo Limoges vying for a world title

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Limoges on top of the world? In any case, this is the goal of Cyril Jonard and Véronique Mandeng who will be in contention this Friday and Saturday.

Cyril Jonard, world deaf championships

The Limougeaud Cyril Jonard will aim, at 45, this Friday, a tenth crown on the occasion of the world championships for the deaf which take place in Versailles. Entered in -81 kg, the member of the Alliance Judo Limoges will be keen to prove that he is still in good shape.

Cyril Jonard, one of the finest achievements in French judo

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Véronique Mandeng, military world championships

Vice-champion of France in 2019, the Limougeaude Véronique Mandeng (-57 kg) was selected for the military world championships which will take place this Saturday in Brétigny-sur-Orge. The French selection looks great with girls who took part in the Olympic Games (Boukli, Pinot and the quadruple European champion Audrey Tcheuméo.

La Limougeaude Véronique Mandeng vice-champion of France

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