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two layoffs and three layoffs for harassment and sexism

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Radio France announced, Friday, October 29, two layoffs and three layoffs with suspension of salary after an investigation carried out in the radio group in reaction to the documentary by journalist Marie Portolano on sexism in sports writing.

“These actions are part of the continuity of the work started in 2019 and which will continue to implement zero tolerance against any situation of sexual harassment, sexist acts, discrimination in the company”, said public radio in a statement, after revealing the findings of the report of an investigation presented as external and independent.

In detail, it is about “Eleven disciplinary proceedings initiated”, dont « four reprimands, three layoffs with suspension of pay and two dismissals ”.

“Daily” tolerance of “serious situations and behaviors”

Based on 80 interviews, the conclusions of this investigation notably showed a “Very harsh working atmosphere justifying stress, violence and sexism”, through jokes, gestures and other denigrating attitudes, of a tolerance ” daily “ from “Serious situations and behaviors” in various departments.

If no details have been given on the identity of the persons concerned, the editorial staff in question are notably those of France Bleu Pays basque and the national sports editorial office in Paris.

One of the journalists who had testified in I’m not a bitch, I’m a journalist, the documentary by Marie Portolano, was Amaia Cazenave, rugby specialist on Radio France and now deputy head of the sports pole at Parisian. She detailed the misogynistic environment she had suffered.

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Twice, she reminded the World in March, it alerted the anti-discrimination cell – as well as its management and the human resources department (HRD), independently. Without convincing result the first time, then “Without going all the way”, that is to say without claiming the initiation of an investigation, for lack of confidence in his interlocutor, the second time.

Other young women, « CDDettes » as they call each other, shared similar situations. After reporting moral harassment, degrading comments or sexist actions to the listening cell, they felt they were “Abandoned”.

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Canal +, where Mme Portolano, and RMC Sport had also launched internal investigations in March following the broadcast of the documentary. Pierre Ménès, star columnist of Canal + ‘s “Canal Football Club”, accused of sexual assault, left the channel after reaching a financial agreement in July. He has since returned to RMC.

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