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Twitter account accuses television of deliberately tampering with videos to accuse Patrick Reed

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The @useGofFACTS account revealed that a video lawyer has taken the footage of Patrick Reed’s highly controversial bunker exit at the 2019 Hero World Challenge to come to the conclusion that they have been tampered with!

This Twitter account has already defended Patrick Reed in the past, especially when the American was accused of having “displaced” his ball in the rough without calling an arbitrator at the Farmers Insurance Open in late January and arguing that Rory McIlroy would have done the same.

For many Internet users there is no doubt that relatives of Captain America are hiding behind @useGofFACTS who also recently accused major organizers of putting Reed in late-day games to put him at a disadvantage.

This time it was by responding to a tweet from English player Eddie Pepperell dating from January that this Twitter account came back to exonerate Patrick Reed in the case of the bunker at the Hero World Challenge of 2019 (read here).

Pepperell had explained that “Even though the American player had been caught up in cheating stories on several occasions, he was still an incredible golfer and it was such a shame that there were so many cases he was involved in.”

Digital artifact

This release of the English dating from January 2021 we did not expect a response from @useGolfFACTS 9 months later! But it was not knowing the person or people who work so that Reed’s probity is recognized.

Not lacking in means, they therefore asked a lawyer specializing in video images to look at the sequence broadcast by Golf Channel and in which we see that Reed knowingly flattened, using the back of his sandwedge, the sand behind his ball to improve his lie.

According to the latter these images would have been intentionally altered to damage the honor of Patrick Reed and cause him harm. In the photos published by the twitter account, several areas of the images offered during the accusatory slow motion would bear traces of recompression and re-encoding compared to the images broadcast live. Sufficient proof for the legal system who would consider that they have been “altered” in other words “tampered with”.

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