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Tudor: “Juventus are always strong, now I want to beat them”

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The coach: “I’m focused, I don’t look at the standings”

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In the traditional press conference on the eve, mister Igor Tudor presented the match today Hellas Verona-Juventus. The match will be staged tomorrow at 6pm at the “Bentegodi” stadium.

These are the words of the Gialloblù coach:

A mini budget? It is done every day. In the end they are more convenient for you journalists than for us coaches. I don’t think it’s important to take stock, but to make observations to grow daily. We are happy with the growth of the team. It is a moment of trust, of awareness of our strengths. It takes a few games to understand us all together. We realize our strengths and weaknesses.

Juventus? We tend to describe things either black or white, that is, all good or all bad. For me it is the opposite, there may be periods but there are values, such as stability. Easy to forget everything and find exaggerations. I am focused on my team, it will be a good match. It is easier for me as a coach to prepare it, after Udine I have recovered some players. We must make as little mistakes as possible and put our hearts over the obstacle. I went to Juve as a kid and I developed as a person. Both as a player and as a coach it was a wonderful experience. Now I have to think about making the most of these colors.

The calendar? From the point of view of the possibility of preparing matches, we have talked about it. We coaches would like more time to do it. In my opinion in the end it is difficult and beautiful at the same time. We have to play our cards, go to a thousand with both the legs and the brain.

Lasagna? In Udine it was a particular game with few spaces, he played in a position that was not perfect for him. I told him to forget the first half in Udine and to go on. The boy is motivated, a good player. It needs space. Yesterday he immediately wanted to train. It was a good sign from him. I think it will have its spaces and its possibilities.

What does Verona represent for me? It is clear that one gets better with the years, there are important moments that can change you. I don’t do programming, because everything comes with daily work. You have to be happy and content because it is an important job.

Tameze? Humble and intelligent boy. On the pitch it’s nice to have him. He did well even though it’s not his role. He did well against Molina, an Argentine international with a good leg.

Juve’s difficulties in relation to last year? There is no need to make comparisons. Juve have a great coach, the right person to solve problems. Juve will go back to where they need to be. We try to prepare every game as well as possible. We have the desire to play against a great team and maybe you have more intensity.

Verona less than three from Juve? I don’t look at the rankings so much, I’m focused on us and our growth. Now there is no need to look at the rankings, I tell my players. It can deceive and drain energy. The only thing to do is to concentrate as much as possible.

Casale and Gunter? We have to see, they both had problems. Ceccherini and Sutalo are doing well, Magnani has kept Beto well. It wasn’t easy.

The public? The boys feel a great connection with the fans. For me this aspect is important, because today’s football is different from the last two seasons. It is more beautiful and gives more motivation. The people in the stands give the push, you always hear the roar. We hope to make the fans happy.

Condition of the tips? Unfortunately we only had one training session. I see my strikers well, they are in a good moment and they have confidence. “

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