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Trnava pay 900 thousand for a fan day, Slovan pl million

by archysport

The league league between the two best darkness of the competition was temporarily ended on June 17 at the quarter-hour game due to the winds of the fans of both teams and was later consumed in favor of the visiting Slavs.

The Trnava club, as the applicant, was fined 35,000 euros (over 900,000 crowns) and the nearest house will play without girls. Only children under 15 will be able to see.

Slovan was sentenced by a disciplinary commission to a penalty of 20,000 euros (not more than 500,000) and banned his fans from entering the three matches on a hitch opponent. In addition, fans of both clubs will not be able to travel to the same ends until the end of the league.

Circumstances at the Trnava stadium degenerated after fans of both teams rushed to the playing area and served right on the square. After the intervention of the intelligence service, the fans managed to get back, but the riots continued at the tribunch. The weavers swept away the guest industry.

Filip Glova’s decision was first abandoned in a goalless state, and after a long forcing on the breeder, he quickly ended it.


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