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Track referee course level 1 – Andalusian Badminton Federation

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The Andalusian Badminton Federation announces a new level 1 court referee course in the municipality of Montilla (Córdoba) for September 18 and 19.

The objective of this course is to initiate the refereeing work to all those interested, and in this way, to train the court referee to:

  • Direct and enforce, under his authority, the rules of the game for the matches he has been designated.
  • Direct the Piste Assistants in charge of each game.
  • Prepare the minutes and reports of the refereed parties.
  • To be able to maintain an attentive and perceptive behavior to carry out an objective refereeing.
  • Adopt a balanced and prudent attitude in your relationship with the actors of the meeting.
  • Know the environment of the professional development of Refereeing in Badminton.

The course has a price of 100 euros, a great fact to take into account is that the student who enrolls and is Andalusian will have a discount in the fees of up to 50%, so the cost would drop to 50 euros in this case only. In addition, it should be noted that students who pass this training will receive the corresponding diploma, approved by the National Referees Committee and the Spanish Badminton Federation.

All students must sign up through the FESBA Virtual Classroom on the Sport in the Cloud platform, where the course.

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