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Top of the flops – S7: big week of failures in the NFL!

by archysport

Mike Evans, ashamed and confused. – Swear, but a little late, that we wouldn’t take it anymore

The NFL season is long and there are sometimes meetings to forget for certain players, coaches or franchises. A quick overview that will make some laugh and cry others.

The Chiefs

It hung up on them! After several weeks of poor defensive performance more than doubtful, it is finally the attack that exploded. Patrick Mahomes seems to want to do a little too much and he paid the price in week 7 because he left with an injury after a big shock to the head. The quarterback went through concussion protocol, but was saved as a precaution and because the game was already decided.

So should we be worried about Mahomes, who has already launched more interceptions than last season? Not necessarily because he has shown since his first tenure that he was of the caliber of the greatest. We can think of Aaron Rodgers, for example, who has had complicated seasons. Some even thought the Packers drafted Jordan Love to replace Rodgers in the short term. As a result, the Green Bay quarterback was voted MVP of the league in 2020.

Mike Evans

In week 7, Tom Brady threw the 600th touchdown pass of his career, which, by the way, doesn’t make any sense. That’s the equivalent of throwing the record touchdowns in one season for 11 consecutive seasons. Problem is, Mike Evans forgot it was the 600th when he landed and handed the ball to a fan.

There followed the hunt for the precious ball which made the rounds of the internet and the uneasiness of Mike Evans to have committed THE dumpling. Since the Buccaneers wanted to get it right, they gave the fan in question a few gifts to compensate him.

The Lambeau Leap outside

Washington quarterback Taylor Heinicke scored a touchdown in the race against the Packers and decided to take the Lambeau Leap. Except that this celebration is intended for Packers players who will take a walkabout after scoring 6 points. For once, Heinicke found himself alone sitting on the edge of the Packers’ stand and did not achieve much except to draw the wrath of the Packers.

The reason why the Football Team quarterback chose this celebration is quite simple, however. Heinicke was a Packers fan when he was young and dreamed of playing in the legendary lair of Green Bay.

Last problem, the touchown was canceled and Washington lost the ball after failing to convert the 4th down. Which ended a streak of big nonsense.

The absolute chaos during the Sunday Night Football

Torrential rain hit Santa Clara on Sunday night and it turned out to be a gag match we haven’t seen for a long time. Pictures are much more revealing than words.

Deebo Savonette

Brandon Aiyuk who thinks he is Commissioner Gibert in Taxi.

Carson Wentz who was eager to put on a jacket

Not sure this match was the most interesting to watch, but the highlights are worth gold.

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