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Tony Parker still victim of a big lack of respect!

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Tony Parker has never stopped talking these days… Snubbed by the league in its ranking of the 75 best players in history, the French leader has once again been humiliated by an American site. Certainly, some quickly forgot his domination of the league.

Since his retirement from sports, Tony Parker has been almost exclusively talked about for his success at the head of ASVEL and his possible arrival at the presidency of Olympique Lyonnais once Jean-Michel Aulas has decided to take a rest. well-deserved. It must be said that Lyon-Villeurbanne is progressing at breakneck speed on the European scene, which deserves some praise.

But in recent days, it is the Tony Parker star of the NBA fields who is at the heart of many debates. Indeed, the legendary Spurs point guard was not selected among the 75 best players of all time, which many see as a huge mistake. One of the most big mouths of the league currently was also eager to let it know on social networks.

Tony Parker still snubbed by a big US media

Moreover, since the publication of this controversial ranking by the league, many media have decided to make a list of snubbed players. We obviously find there Dwight Howard, who is arguably the greatest forgotten and which is unanimous, but afterwards, each editorial staff makes different choices. And on the Bleacher Report side, Tony Parker was not cited … unlike a former teammate!

According to Bleacher Report, the 5 biggest forgotten of the Top 75 are Dwight Howard, Klay Thompson, Vince Carter, Tracy McGrady, and therefore Manu Ginobili… And it is especially the case of the latter which makes jump compared to our national TP. Indeed, if they share the same number of titles, the leader has 4 more All-Star Game selections, 2 more All-NBA selections, and one Finals MVP title!

If the Argentine enjoys the image of one of the best 6th Men of all time, is that enough to be considered more than a point guard who has dominated the league for several years? According to the American site the answer is yes, which is enough to make fans jump. But in the end the result is the same, neither is in this historical ranking.

Tony Parker is not respected at its true value, which is quite surprising when we see his track record and his influence on the 2010 generation. He is for example the model of Chris Paul, it is not nothing.

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