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Today: Uber Cup Playoff Draw

by archysport

october 13, 2021 10:06 am
Written by Jonas Kildegaard Rasmussen

Who will Denmark face in the quarterfinals of the Uber Cup? We will find out today when the lottery is drawn for the play-offs at the World Cup.

About 30 minutes after the final match of the Uber Cup group stage is over (Korea-Taiwan and Spain-Scotland), BWF will hold the draw for the World Cup finals. This is where we find out who Denmark will face in the World Cup quarter-finals.

Denmark managed it further from Group D as twos. This means that the Danes must meet one of the winners from Group A, B or C. They cannot meet China as they were in the same group.

Right now it is certain that Japan will win Group A, while Thailand and India are fighting for first place this morning in Group B, and in Group C there are group finals between Korea and Taiwan.

Numbers one and two from each of the four groups advance to the playoff draw.

The Uber Cup playoff draw can be livestreamed on BWF’s Facebook page.

Click here to livestream the Uber Cup playoff draw

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