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Three withdrawals with a broken leg

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Pitcher Charlie Morton may be on the sidelines for the rest of the World Series, but he certainly inspired the Atlanta Braves in Tuesday night’s first matchup, continuing to play despite a broken leg.

Obviously, Morton was unaware of the diagnosis at the time: fractured fibula. After the arrow hit in his direction by Yuli Gurriel, he nevertheless added three outs before leaving the meeting.

“It’s amazing he even thought of going back and I bet it was to give AJ time [Minter] to have more time to be ready. He sacrificed himself, ”commented Braves wide receiver Travis d’Arnaud, showing all his respect for Morton, quoted on the baseball website after his team’s victory in the first game.

“I don’t think he knew there was a fracture, but he knew he was injured. For sacrificing himself to make sure that AJ is ready and that he succeeds in withdrawing as well [Jose] Altuve on takes, it’s incredible, ”continued d’Arnaud.

After being hit by the batted ball by Gurriel, Morton completed the second inning by striking out two opponents, one on strikes and the other on a batted ball to the first pad. Despite the pain, the 37-year-old gunner returned to the mound in the third inning. It was then that he thwarted Altuve before having to give up his place.

“He took out a guy on grips with a broken leg, insisted Minter, who came in relief at Morton. It is truly remarkable. ”

Tucker Davidson in training

If the scenario is inspiring, the Braves do not find themselves less with a problem of depth among the starters. After Morton, southpaw Max Fried was the pitcher announced to start Game 2 of the World Series against the Houston Astros on Wednesday night. Ian Anderson is expected to be the Braves’ starter in Atlanta on Friday. But things get more complicated for the rest of the series …

While Morton was able to get three strikeouts with a fractured leg, those who take over will be in full health to try to win against the Astros.

To replace Morton, the Braves added pitcher Tucker Davidson to the qualifying roster for this World Series on Wednesday afternoon. Davidson, 25, has only five games to his name since he began his major league baseball career. He had obtained four starts, in May and June, before finding himself on the injured list.

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