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Three games of basketball afternoon on Sportacentrs.com TV channel – Basketball – Sportacentrs.com

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# In the first month of the season, Ventspils basketball players gave a great start, who achieved four successes in four games, rising to the top of the Latvian-Estonian league championship table.

# The most outstanding start of the season was for the LU team, which won three in a row and almost unsatisfied with the league champion and Estonian basketball flagship “Kalev / Cramo”.

# Riga VEF has managed to play the most games in the tournament so far, having experienced its only stumble against the Estonian silver medalist Pärnu team “Pärnu Sadam”.

The afternoon of three basketball games will start with a fight on the shores of Kurzeme, “Liepāja” hosting the state champion VEF. This season’s Liepaja attack leader Werner Koh, who has averaged 18.6 points this season and won 6.2 rebounds, will certainly lack the motivation to show his best performance against his previous employer. Meanwhile, in the ranks of Riga VEF, the player to whom “Liepāja” gave a springboard to return to Riga is the center Iļja Gromovs, who vefina has scored an average of 8.7 points this season and collected 6.5 balls under the baskets.

A fantastic start to the season was due to the newcomer of the University of Latvia Dāvids Vīksns, who stood out in the ranks of students with 16 points and 11.5 rebounds in an average match. The team of the University of Latvia, which has undertaken a fast pace, has been depressed by Latvian legislation, which during non-emergency situations prohibits non-professional players from engaging in sports within the country. Therefore, the University of Latvia had to make a decision to play a game against “Ogri” outside the borders of our land – in Valga. “Ogre” team has become the first Latvian team to change coaches during the season, with Uldis Švēds at the helm of the unit with a victory in Tartu.

So far, only once this season, the team of “Valmiera Glass / ViA” has managed to enjoy the joy of victory, in the ranks of which the first professional legionnaire Sīdžejs Karterers has demonstrated a relatively modest performance. As the American fights his ankle injury, the people of Valmiera have expressed difficulties in the position of the leader of the match, preventing the implementation of the vision of coach Edmund Valeiko. “Ventspils” basketball players will visit Valmiera, among whom Kristaps Ķilps has taken the role of the creator of the result, gaining 17.3 points on average, winning 5.5 rebounds and making 4.3 assists for the championship leader.

Weekly calendar

Date Time The game Rez. Translation
29.10. 19:00 Kalev / Cramo – University of Tartu 86:36 Delfi.ee
30.10. 13:00 Liepāja – VEF Rīga Sportacentrs.com TV
15:00 University of Latvia – Ogre Sportacentrs.com TV
17:00 Valmiera Glass / ViA – Ventspils Sportacentrs.com TV
17:00 Avis Rapla – Tallinn Kalev Delfi.ee
31.10. 17:00 Port of Pärnu – Viimsi Delfi.ee
19:00 Rakvere Tarvas – TalTech Delfi.ee

Broadcasts of LAT-EST basketball league games taking place in Latvia on the Sportacentrs.com television channel and Internet platform take place in cooperation with “Tet”.

Tournament table

V The team U WITH %
1. Ventspils 4 0 100.0%
2. Port of Pärnu 2 0 100.0%
3. VEF Riga 5 1 83.3%
4. TalTech 4 1 80.0%
5. Kalev / Cramo 3 1 75.0 %
6. Latvian University 3 1 75.0 %
7. Viimsi 2 2 50.0%
8. Ogre 2 2 50.0%
9. Rapla 2 2 50.0 %
10. Tallinn Kalev 1 3 25.0 %
11. Liepaja 1 4 20.0%
12. Valmiera Glass / ViA 1 4 20.0%
13. University of Tartu 0 4 0.0%
14. Rakvere Tarvas 0 5 0.0%

Which is your favorite among Latvian basketball teams?


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